[Be More You Video 6 of 8] Stop shoulding, settling and staying small


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We're back with the Be More You videos!! And how perfect that the theme of this video is how to Stop Shoulding, Settling and Staying Small.

There were a lot of "shoulds" that came up for me last week, as life collided with many to-dos to get us ready to leave the country, paperwork that needed attending to, an entire apartment that needed to be packed up before we left, a sick assistant, technical problems etc etc. I felt myself spread thin and the "shoulds" started to creep in. Thankfully, I was able to re-record this video and let myself off the hook!

The video covers:

  • How to identify the shoulds and release them

  • How to simplify and create space for YOU to show up

  • How settling may be keeping you small

  • A powerful mantra to create safety to shine

  • And more!

As always, I'd love to hear what you think and what you will be applying this info, or if you even should... (you'll know what I mean when you watch the video ;)


While you're waiting...



How are you today? You might be wondering why there isn't a new Be More You video in your inbox or on my blog yet. My assistant has been really sick, I've been traveling and filing paperwork for Luna's passport and we've had some technical difficulties with the recordings, so the next videos will be coming later this week.

In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy reading some articles of mine that were previously published on Mind Body Green.

If you have any summer travel coming up, this first one will be very helpful for you.
Click here to read "How to thrive in any social situation without booze."

And click here for my favorite summer mocktail recipes with amazing health benefits! 

I hope you enjoy and we'll be back with the videos very soon!


[Be More You Video 5 of 8] Honouring and Celebrating your femininity


Hello and happy Friday!

How has your week been? Today's topic of Embracing, Honoring and Celebrating your Femininity is a super juicy one, which will hopefully be fun for you to dive into over the weekend.

In this video, you'll learn:

  • Why honouring your femininity is so important to showing up fully

  • How to respond to the feeling of being "too much"

  • How not allowing yourself to be truly seen can lead to more numbing

  • How to locate and express your desires

  • And more, of course!

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts and your DESIRES!! Please send them to me... writing/speaking them out loud helps validate and breathe life into your dreams!

Have a fabulous weekend!

[Be More YOU Video 4 of 8] Giving (yourself) permission



Hello ,

How was your weekend? Did you notice anything coming up for you around unconscious expectations?

Today's video (halfway through the series) is all about giving yourself permission!

In this video you'll learn:

  • How to trust your inner voice and intuition

  • Find your hell YES

  • Live a life of yes (while not sacrificing your responsibilities)

  • And more!

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

How can you start to give yourself more permission so that alcohol doesn't have to do the job for you?


[Be More YOU Video 3 of 8] Becoming aware of unconscious expectations

Hi there!

How has your week been? I hope you've been enjoying the video series so far :)

Learning about my unconscious expectations of others has been pivotal in my ability to Be More Me. Before I was aware of how I was projecting my needs and desires onto other people, I would become frustrated or resentful when those people weren’t able to live up to my expectations. It was a rather disempowering scenario for all involved. The more clear I became of my unconscious expectations, the more able I was to clearly communicate them to others, and to take control of fulfilling my needs.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • Why becoming aware of unconscious expectations is important for your you-ness

  • Why assumptions are dangerous

  • How to avoid attaching meaning to behaviours or events

  • How to make the unconscious conscious

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

Feel free to send me an email at [email protected] and let me know what came up for you when you heard me speak about unconscious expectations.

Have a wonderful weekend (and see how this awareness can make it even better!)


[Be More YOU Video 2 of 8] Letting Go of Old Stories


How are you? How was your weekend?

I have a feeling the second video in the Be More You video series will strike a cord.

It's been a theme in many of my private coaching calls and group discussions recently, and as you'll hear in the video, it was also a big theme at our last Lucir retreat here in Mexico.

In the video Letting Go of Old Stories we talk about:
- How to listen to your inner desires and respond to them
- Hashtags for releasing old stories
- The fact that you are not the same person you were last year, or yesterday, and why that's important
- A tool that you can use to create a new blueprint and inner dialogue
- And more!

Of course, I'd love to hear your thoughts and if you have any takeaways from this video that you'd like to share. Simply send me an message!

I'm also super excited to share that I've just opened up a couple of spots for 1-1 coaching. Click here to set up your FREE 45 minute call with me. Whether or not we decide to work together, you'll finish this call with new insights, strategies and motivation that will serve you immediately!


[Be More YOU Video Series 1 of 8] Loving yourself like your life depends on it


Hi ,

Self-love is a term that gets tossed around a lot these days, but what does it really mean? And furthermore, how does one go about “getting it?”

When considering all of the topics for the video series, I knew that the topic of self-love needed to be first, because without it, it’s pretty much pointless to talk about the rest of the steps.

Click here to watch “Loving yourself like your life depends on it (because it does).”

In this video you’ll learn:

  • What stood between me and loving myself (aka my big scary shame-filled belief and how I released it)

  • How to create a self-loving powerful mantra

  • Why self-love grows from action

  • Steps you can take NOW

I include some action steps at the end of the video and would love to hear from you once you’ve completed them.

If YOU have any other questions about this topic, please do let me know. Since filming the video we’ve had an interesting discussion in our FB group and I will likely be filming a follow up video next week to address the new questions that have come up. So let me know if you have any!


I cry every time I watch this


Hola hola...

Popping in here quickly mid-week to share this very special video and invitation with you.

Honestly, I cry every single time I watch it.
I am moved to happy tears, tears of remembrance and recognition, tears of the monumental shifts that were created during this experience.
Shifts in the lives of all 11 "Lucisters" and shifts in both myself and Terri.

In my last update I shared the mantra that changed my life (which I created at the first retreat I attended 7 years ago). I now count my experience at Lucir as another life-changing event.

I had named the retreat Lucir because I loved the idea of creating an experience that supported women to shine more brightly and to show up unapologetically, beautifully and brightly as the most expressed version of themselves.

What I didn't realize at the time (but my intuition certainly must have known) was how much I myself would be transformed by this experience.

I left Lucir realizing I could no longer hide parts of myself, I could no longer settled or shrink. While I have experienced tremendous growth and healing over the past 7 years, I still was keeping myself small in certain ways. Stepping into my role as guide/facilitator of Lucir, I released myself, stepping fully into my power.

The beauty of the experience at Lucir is that each woman made it her own.

It was a profoundly personal journey, with the container of support of a loving sisterhood - hence the terms we coined of "Lucisters" (Lucir sisters, or sisters-in-shine).

In celebration of the power of sisterhood, we've decided to add a very special bonus.

If you and a friend sign up during the early bird offer (until this Friday), you BOTH receive an additional 5% off. This means you both receive 20% off either the price of the dorm or the double room (both King Suites have already been reserved). We also have payment plans available!

This is the last time you'll be receiving an email about the early bird offer and invitation to bring a friend. You can read more about Lucir here.

This Friday we're back to business as usually with the blog - and I'm going to be starting an 8-part series that will reveal my 8 lessons learned on this recent journey to BE MORE ME. All completely free, just stay tuned right here.

I'm so looking forward to sharing.


This Mantra changed my Life.


How are you?

I had this picture show up yesterday as a Facebook memory. It was taking in a nightclub that I regularly frequented… It was called Pontoon and was an actual old converted Pontoon Barge, which eventually got shut down.

The hole my killer heel punctured in the furniture would have become a hilarious anecdote amongst many for that evening. My life at the time was series of wild, alcohol-fuelled adventures that took me into some questionable (at best) and downright scary situations (looking back with the perspective I have now).

While I have no shame anymore about that time of my life, I still hesitated to share this memory on Facebook. Even though it is a photo that I posted publicly 7 years ago, it feels like another lifetime to me now.

I have a lot of compassion for that version of me, doing the best she knew how while immersed in the underworld of expat life in what was known as the wild west of South East Asia.

When I look at her, I in many ways see the same party girl that still lives inside of me now. The one who surrenders herself into music and loves to be the shining star on the dance floor.

But I also see sadness and pain… a deeply ingrained feeling of unworthiness and unlovability.

I’m still the sometimes party girl who loves to get dressed up and put on heels and dance the night away… when it feels right.

I’m also now the woman who honours herself and her energy levels.
I’m also now the woman who knows when it’s better to stay in, nurture and love myself in other ways rather than go out at night because I *need* it.

7 years ago I also attended my first retreat. It was called Volver and was hosted at a beautiful center called Haramara in Sayulita, Mexico.

Volver means “to return” in Spanish and “Haramara” is an indigenous Huichol word for Mother Sea - the source of everything.

My time there truly was a return to myself.

It was an opportunity to nurture myself, eating the most deliciously prepared foods, pampered in easy eco-luxury, supported by a sisterhood of loving women committed to their own healing and transformation.

And of course, Mother Sea, cleansing with her water and her gentle rhythmic sounds.

 It was a stark contrast to the life I was living in Cambodia. Heart-broken and ending a marriage, working in a job that sapped my energy and creativity, far from the support that I craved and the tools that would have helped me heal in a healthier way.

During that retreat at Haramara, I came up with a mantra that spoke to the healing with soul knew she was called to do.

I still feel moved to tears when I say this mantra to myself.

At the time, it was a stretch to believe the words.

“I am worthy and deserving of love just the way I am.”

Stemming from childhood experiences of abandonment and teenage experiences of trauma, I had always felt that I had to prove myself or earn love.

This led to years of overachieving and perfectionism, codependency, problematic alcohol and drug use and other self-harming behaviors… and years of what I now call numbing, running, and performing.

It felt like an uncomfortable and at times unbelievable stretch to believe I was worthy and deserving of love, just by being myself. Just by waking up, not having to “DO” anything.

To be perfectly honest, it is still my soul’s work.
It is still part of my healing.
But I’d say that on most days I believe I am worthy and deserving of love just the way I am… for at least a good part of the day.

Since that retreat and the profound internal shift that happened, I have stayed committed to my healing.

Though it took me several years after that to disentangle myself from my former relationship and career, and another few years to truly say that I’ve redefined my relationship to alcohol and other drugs, but I’ve kept showing up and kept doing the work.

I’ve continue to seek out opportunities for healing and transformation and have now become deeply committed to creating those experiences for others.

That is why I am so incredibly honored and grateful to be hosting our second Lucir retreat this year.

Lucir: to illuminate, to shine, to make resplendent.

Lucir is a powerfully transformative experience to help you show up for yourself and shine your brightest most beautiful inner light outward.

The next Lucir is scheduled for November 27-December 3th and from now until June 30th, we are offering 15% off. Three spots of the 11 available spots have already been filled, so don’t delay if you are interested!

Check out www.caitlinpadgett.com/lucir for all the info.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Oh I got high!

A week ago today, I felt on top of the world.

I was at the penthouse of the standard, with a 360-degree view of Manhattan. The temperature was perfect, the backdrop of the city-scape was stunning and as if it couldn’t get more perfect, the “strawberry full moon” rose in the horizon as dusk fell.  There was delicious canapes and custom made drinks, and the company was some of the industry leaders in the coaching and online business world.

It was one of the those “pinch me” moments.

I had traveled to NYC to celebrate my mentor’s 5 years in business.

At first, it seemed crazy to travel to New York from Southern Mexico for a party. Yet I knew how much I wanted to be there. It can be really isolating living and working from Southern Mexico and the chance to celebrate someone who had made such an impact on my life while also connecting with inspiring movers and shakers felt really important to me. It felt especially important after such a challenging 6 months, having to scale way back on my business while taking care of my mental and physical health during my separation and transition.

As soon as I set my intention to come - beautiful synchronous connections starting happening. Other women that I love and admire were going to be in the city that weekend, a monthly Goddess Brunch fell on that weekend, one of my first roommates who happens to now live in a super small town in British Colombia was in NY for the first time, I had the chance to connect with current and former clients in meaningful ways.

My schedule was packed yet I was able to take such good care of myself.

This is a far cry from even a few years ago, when I would have crashed and burned after such a stimulating weekend.

I felt so much gratitude that it felt effortless to be present, to soak in all the vibes, to feel authentically confident without needing alcohol to boost my worthiness artificially.

I feel like Selena’s party set the tone for the entire weekend. I couldn’t help but reflect on how different things would have been a few short years ago.

With an open bar and adrenaline-filled setting (for me), I would have been the last one there and the first one volunteering to keep the party going. In fact, I probably would have organized the after-party, as I was prone to do at conferences I had attended in the past.

I would have partied all night and still arrived early to my engagement the next morning. I would have done this to prove that I was “okay” and not a total train wreck. This was all so engrained in my over-achieving personality.

Most of the participants would have been fooled. My raspy voice and slightly glassy eyes might have given something away but only to the trained eye aka fellow over achieving party person.

I would have kept this up, likely all weekend. Running on adrenaline, caffeine, stimulants, and alcohol.

There were certainly physical ramifications, my skin was always breaking out. I was pounds heavier than my natural body weight. I got sick a lot. My sleep patterns were wacky and when I wasn’t drinking myself to sleep, I experienced insomnia.

Spiritually and emotionally, I was suffering. I used alcohol to mask feelings of unlovability and unworthiness, anxiety and depression.

After this incredibly uplifting and inspiring high-vibe weekend, I have had what could have only been described as a major comedown.

As you might have read in my last update, it started when I pulled out my computer on the plane to get caught up with work, and realized that I had the wrong computer! Somehow I had a computer identical to mine, but the username belonged to someone else! It must have been switched at the TSA security point. Worse, this computer was on loan to me while I attempted to fix mine that had been damaged by coffee spilling in my bag.

I had planned to spend several days in Mexico City to complete Luna’s Mexican passport application with Luis, before bringing Luna back to Puerto Escondido with me.

We spent hours at two different passport meetings and in traffic only to have Luna's application rejected TWICE (first time because of an incorrect stamp and second time because of an extra "e" in my name on Luna's Mexican birth certificate which means my name is different on that than on my passport.)

This means that I have to go to another city, the capital of the state in which Luna was born, and there's a series of steps and meetings that end in a meeting in front of a judge to get this paperwork changed (something that we weren't responsible for and hadn't even noticed).

This means extra trips, and the money I spent to change my flights and Luna's after our first application was rejected is effectively down the drain (also if they'd told us Tuesday what they told us at our second meeting Thursday, I would have just gone home and started the next process of fixing her birth certificate, but they didn't tell us that on Tuesday, so we spent these extra days in the city and got another notarized document done that we will now have to do again because it needs to be recent for application.)

Luna projectile vomited on the way to the appointment yesterday, and then again when we got to my ex-inlaws place. Days spent in cars and crowded hot rooms, following a series of unknown steps and only to be rejected, not having any alone time or nature to ground me, and finding my regular self-care practices somewhat elusive has thrown me off-center.

You know what’s amazing to me? The only time I really wanted a drink was when I first realized I had the wrong computer and I rush to tell the flight attendants and they were pouring glasses of red wine. The smell hit me and I thought, that would be so easy.

And yet, here I am. Staying present. Refusing to numb. Drinking chamomile tea when I can. Using my lavender oil(for calming) and cedar wood oil (for grounding). Trying to sleep. Taking a ton of deep breaths. Crying when I needed to. Feeling all the feels. Staying positive and in faith that there are reasons beyond my comprehension right now that this is unfolding this way. Instead of staying in the “why is this happening to me?” disempowered place, reframing into “How is this happening FOR me?”

I’d love to hear from you!

What’s your biggest take away from what I’ve shared? Is there anything in your life that you can reframe into a “How is this happening for me?” question? Is there anything else you’d like to know about how I navigated NYC almost entirely alcohol-free? (Because  I know you want to know - the only wine I had was half a glass of red with dinner when I arrived, a glass of Barolo with a fine Italian lunch, and another glass of red with BBQ during a jazz dinner. That’s it over 5 days and with tons of opportunities to drink!)