[Be More YOU Video 4 of 8] Giving (yourself) permission



Hello ,

How was your weekend? Did you notice anything coming up for you around unconscious expectations?

Today's video (halfway through the series) is all about giving yourself permission!

In this video you'll learn:

  • How to trust your inner voice and intuition

  • Find your hell YES

  • Live a life of yes (while not sacrificing your responsibilities)

  • And more!

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

How can you start to give yourself more permission so that alcohol doesn't have to do the job for you?


[Be More YOU Video 3 of 8] Becoming aware of unconscious expectations

Hi there!

How has your week been? I hope you've been enjoying the video series so far :)

Learning about my unconscious expectations of others has been pivotal in my ability to Be More Me. Before I was aware of how I was projecting my needs and desires onto other people, I would become frustrated or resentful when those people weren’t able to live up to my expectations. It was a rather disempowering scenario for all involved. The more clear I became of my unconscious expectations, the more able I was to clearly communicate them to others, and to take control of fulfilling my needs.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • Why becoming aware of unconscious expectations is important for your you-ness

  • Why assumptions are dangerous

  • How to avoid attaching meaning to behaviours or events

  • How to make the unconscious conscious

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

Feel free to send me an email at hello@caitlinpadgett.com and let me know what came up for you when you heard me speak about unconscious expectations.

Have a wonderful weekend (and see how this awareness can make it even better!)


[Be More YOU Video 2 of 8] Letting Go of Old Stories


How are you? How was your weekend?

I have a feeling the second video in the Be More You video series will strike a cord.

It's been a theme in many of my private coaching calls and group discussions recently, and as you'll hear in the video, it was also a big theme at our last Lucir retreat here in Mexico.

In the video Letting Go of Old Stories we talk about:
- How to listen to your inner desires and respond to them
- Hashtags for releasing old stories
- The fact that you are not the same person you were last year, or yesterday, and why that's important
- A tool that you can use to create a new blueprint and inner dialogue
- And more!

Of course, I'd love to hear your thoughts and if you have any takeaways from this video that you'd like to share. Simply send me an message!

I'm also super excited to share that I've just opened up a couple of spots for 1-1 coaching. Click here to set up your FREE 45 minute call with me. Whether or not we decide to work together, you'll finish this call with new insights, strategies and motivation that will serve you immediately!


[Be More YOU Video Series 1 of 8] Loving yourself like your life depends on it


Hi ,

Self-love is a term that gets tossed around a lot these days, but what does it really mean? And furthermore, how does one go about “getting it?”

When considering all of the topics for the video series, I knew that the topic of self-love needed to be first, because without it, it’s pretty much pointless to talk about the rest of the steps.

Click here to watch “Loving yourself like your life depends on it (because it does).”

In this video you’ll learn:

  • What stood between me and loving myself (aka my big scary shame-filled belief and how I released it)

  • How to create a self-loving powerful mantra

  • Why self-love grows from action

  • Steps you can take NOW

I include some action steps at the end of the video and would love to hear from you once you’ve completed them.

If YOU have any other questions about this topic, please do let me know. Since filming the video we’ve had an interesting discussion in our FB group and I will likely be filming a follow up video next week to address the new questions that have come up. So let me know if you have any!


I cry every time I watch this


Hola hola...

Popping in here quickly mid-week to share this very special video and invitation with you.

Honestly, I cry every single time I watch it.
I am moved to happy tears, tears of remembrance and recognition, tears of the monumental shifts that were created during this experience.
Shifts in the lives of all 11 "Lucisters" and shifts in both myself and Terri.

In my last update I shared the mantra that changed my life (which I created at the first retreat I attended 7 years ago). I now count my experience at Lucir as another life-changing event.

I had named the retreat Lucir because I loved the idea of creating an experience that supported women to shine more brightly and to show up unapologetically, beautifully and brightly as the most expressed version of themselves.

What I didn't realize at the time (but my intuition certainly must have known) was how much I myself would be transformed by this experience.

I left Lucir realizing I could no longer hide parts of myself, I could no longer settled or shrink. While I have experienced tremendous growth and healing over the past 7 years, I still was keeping myself small in certain ways. Stepping into my role as guide/facilitator of Lucir, I released myself, stepping fully into my power.

The beauty of the experience at Lucir is that each woman made it her own.

It was a profoundly personal journey, with the container of support of a loving sisterhood - hence the terms we coined of "Lucisters" (Lucir sisters, or sisters-in-shine).

In celebration of the power of sisterhood, we've decided to add a very special bonus.

If you and a friend sign up during the early bird offer (until this Friday), you BOTH receive an additional 5% off. This means you both receive 20% off either the price of the dorm or the double room (both King Suites have already been reserved). We also have payment plans available!

This is the last time you'll be receiving an email about the early bird offer and invitation to bring a friend. You can read more about Lucir here.

This Friday we're back to business as usually with the blog - and I'm going to be starting an 8-part series that will reveal my 8 lessons learned on this recent journey to BE MORE ME. All completely free, just stay tuned right here.

I'm so looking forward to sharing.


This Mantra changed my Life.


How are you?

I had this picture show up yesterday as a Facebook memory. It was taking in a nightclub that I regularly frequented… It was called Pontoon and was an actual old converted Pontoon Barge, which eventually got shut down.

The hole my killer heel punctured in the furniture would have become a hilarious anecdote amongst many for that evening. My life at the time was series of wild, alcohol-fuelled adventures that took me into some questionable (at best) and downright scary situations (looking back with the perspective I have now).

While I have no shame anymore about that time of my life, I still hesitated to share this memory on Facebook. Even though it is a photo that I posted publicly 7 years ago, it feels like another lifetime to me now.

I have a lot of compassion for that version of me, doing the best she knew how while immersed in the underworld of expat life in what was known as the wild west of South East Asia.

When I look at her, I in many ways see the same party girl that still lives inside of me now. The one who surrenders herself into music and loves to be the shining star on the dance floor.

But I also see sadness and pain… a deeply ingrained feeling of unworthiness and unlovability.

I’m still the sometimes party girl who loves to get dressed up and put on heels and dance the night away… when it feels right.

I’m also now the woman who honours herself and her energy levels.
I’m also now the woman who knows when it’s better to stay in, nurture and love myself in other ways rather than go out at night because I *need* it.

7 years ago I also attended my first retreat. It was called Volver and was hosted at a beautiful center called Haramara in Sayulita, Mexico.

Volver means “to return” in Spanish and “Haramara” is an indigenous Huichol word for Mother Sea - the source of everything.

My time there truly was a return to myself.

It was an opportunity to nurture myself, eating the most deliciously prepared foods, pampered in easy eco-luxury, supported by a sisterhood of loving women committed to their own healing and transformation.

And of course, Mother Sea, cleansing with her water and her gentle rhythmic sounds.

 It was a stark contrast to the life I was living in Cambodia. Heart-broken and ending a marriage, working in a job that sapped my energy and creativity, far from the support that I craved and the tools that would have helped me heal in a healthier way.

During that retreat at Haramara, I came up with a mantra that spoke to the healing with soul knew she was called to do.

I still feel moved to tears when I say this mantra to myself.

At the time, it was a stretch to believe the words.

“I am worthy and deserving of love just the way I am.”

Stemming from childhood experiences of abandonment and teenage experiences of trauma, I had always felt that I had to prove myself or earn love.

This led to years of overachieving and perfectionism, codependency, problematic alcohol and drug use and other self-harming behaviors… and years of what I now call numbing, running, and performing.

It felt like an uncomfortable and at times unbelievable stretch to believe I was worthy and deserving of love, just by being myself. Just by waking up, not having to “DO” anything.

To be perfectly honest, it is still my soul’s work.
It is still part of my healing.
But I’d say that on most days I believe I am worthy and deserving of love just the way I am… for at least a good part of the day.

Since that retreat and the profound internal shift that happened, I have stayed committed to my healing.

Though it took me several years after that to disentangle myself from my former relationship and career, and another few years to truly say that I’ve redefined my relationship to alcohol and other drugs, but I’ve kept showing up and kept doing the work.

I’ve continue to seek out opportunities for healing and transformation and have now become deeply committed to creating those experiences for others.

That is why I am so incredibly honored and grateful to be hosting our second Lucir retreat this year.

Lucir: to illuminate, to shine, to make resplendent.

Lucir is a powerfully transformative experience to help you show up for yourself and shine your brightest most beautiful inner light outward.

The next Lucir is scheduled for November 27-December 3th and from now until June 30th, we are offering 15% off. Three spots of the 11 available spots have already been filled, so don’t delay if you are interested!

Check out www.caitlinpadgett.com/lucir for all the info.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Am I being selfish?


In my last email, I wrote about hitting near bottom again, how I rallied support and the ideas that were born out of it.

Then I started to wonder if it’s “too much” me.

The old story of taking up off much space, of being too focused on myself, starts to show up.

It’s true - I’m creating the kind of program that I need and would want to be a part of. That I DO want to be a part of.

And when I release the old story about making this too much about me (and why is that a bad thing, anyway?)– I get so excited about having the passion, purpose, and inspiration to create something meaningful for myself AND everyone who decides to be a part of it.

Last week, I hosted an “Expansion Call” for my friend Maru Iabichela’s program Infinite Receiving. Maru hosts these calls 3 days a week for the duration of her 90-day program. Since she was going to be in Dubai, she asked a couple of her closest friends and co-creators to host the calls in her absence.

I woke up at 5:45 am to get ready and head to the office before the 7 am call.

I absolutely LOVED the experience of starting my day that way. I could see what she was hooked on it, and of said that the calls had been as much for her to channel the messages she needed to receive in her own life, as they were for her community. I’ve seen Maru soar the past year, from when she launched her program to now.

I totally get it. She has created something that, by actively and consistently participating in the content she is creating, and propelled her growth in a big way. And she’s taking hundreds of women along for the ride with her.

It’s beautiful and inspiring and something I want for us.

So am I being selfish by creating a program that meets my own needs? A program that’s designed to give me what I need to show up more fully, be present, grow and continue to BE MORE…


But I also know that the more I share from the heart and create based on what I KNOW is needed and WORKS, the more I am able to be of service and uplift others to join the path I’m on.

It’s co-creation and symbiosis.

It’s supply and demand.

This a community, we’ll grow together. For at least a year, and beyond.

But don't just take it from me ;)

Here are what a few of the Be More Members wrote about why they joined:

“I was feeling a bit stuck lately and have a strong desire to rewrite my story. I go overboard in a lot of areas in my life (mostly alcohol consumption/spending problems) so gaining a healthier relationship with myself where I feel the feelings instead of dulling them/pushing through them with drinking/spending. I'll never reach my health and finance goals if I continue on my current path.”

“I joined because I need a tribe of people that want to "go deep", to explore the good, the scary and the neglected feelings that I've numbed all my life. I am doing this "work" alone, which is necessary, but I also know a group is powerful and we can learn from each other. I'm ready to go to the next level and know with Caitlin as our guide - a guide that won't be "above us" but that will also share and get down to the dirty, gritty truths that allow us to grow and thrive.”

“My main reason for joining is to have a community of supportive like-minded women. I don't really talk about this part of my life with many of my friends and family and really value having a space to share things and talk about self-development and growth and positive life changes. And to also support others going through similar, or any kind of struggle really. And with Caitlin guiding and coaching I will continue on the path I'm on!”

I’m already adding new components, such weekly live Facebook Live training on Mondays and Fridays and I'm sure we'll keep adding as we go and more inspiration strikes.

All of the info right here. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out!

We officially kick off this weekend!! Are you joining us?


A Super Cool Exchange and Some Cinco de Mayo Inspo (this one's a little different)

Hello lovely,

I’m just back from a much needed little mini-vacation to Oaxaca City. I have SO MUCH I can’t wait to share - thoughts on radical honesty, self-love, presence, self-accountability, slowing down, art, a new retreat in the works and so much more. I’m processing a lot and look forward to sharing these thoughts with you soon.

I’ve also had a series of posts brewing inside of me on the difference between moderate and mindful drinking.

I’ve come to realize that so much of what we do here is about WAY MORE than simply learning to moderate.

We go WAY DEEPER than talking about strategies and dive into the mindset, healing, and major lifestyle changes.

To kick off this series on Mindful drinking, I have something really cool and a little different to share.

First, a question that a reader sent me about finding a strategy for mindful drinking - that really works.

“I know people who are looking at me from the outside, aren't thinking I have a drinking problem.... many of my friends I've opened up to say, I had no idea!  And that's the thing... I don't get wasted alone or anything, it's always the occasional blackout WITH my friends which makes me feel so ashamed and regretful. I HATE browning/blacking out. That's NOT the point of drinking... But sometimes, when I'm with friends and they keep going, I want to keep going too... and I just 'forget' to think of the bigger picture and KNOW my limits.

How did you finally find your strategy that WORKS for you.... how did you have the self-control to HOLD yourself to the limits?”

I responded to her and told her I’d be writing a newsletter/blog on the topic and also encouraged her to post her question in the Facebook group (have you joined? If not, info on how to is at the end of this email)

One of the responses from one of our community members just blew me away, and I decided to share her words instead of mine this week.

It’s a powerful testimony to how to make the “Drink Less, Be More” philosophy of mindful drinking work for you.

When I first spoke with Aoife almost 3 years ago, we were both in tears during the initial consultation. She had almost given up hope that change was possible for her. I encouraged her to have faith and trust that a new life was available to her. She later became my most amazing copy editor for the book Drink Less Be More and an active participant in the beta group of the “Drink Less Be More Masterclass” (which will launch again in June - stay tuned!)

Here’s what Aoife had to say about her commitment to mindful drinking:

  1. I made a concrete decision to change - no matter what - and prioritized this.

  2. ​You [the reader] spoke about a feeling of sometimes not caring and just wanting to let loose - I felt that a lot. What I did is I changed "let loose" to "self-soothe". There are more ways to let loose than through alcohol, that's just the most obvious one. Now is the perfect time to find others. Often I noticed that when I thought I "needed a drink" I was really needing soothing or reassuring or something else. Sometimes self-soothing involved listening to loud rock music and watching an action movie and sometimes it involved baking or knitting. I say be willing to broaden your definition of "letting loose" and experiment with things that are healthier for you.

  3. I never drink when I am in an emotional mood (e.g. elated, down or angry). EVER. That was when I was more prone to make poor choices before so I only drink when I am in a grounded place.

  4. Know the times, places and people you need to be careful around in relation to drinking. Prepare in advance for being in those situations or with those people and support yourself. Pub drinking was my danger zone and certain friends would really pressure me to drink. I still go to pubs occasionally but I won't drink in pubs (I prefer to have a drink with food or in homes of friends and family) and I have certain friends I just won't drink with.

  5. I planned when I was going to drink and how much. The "in the moment" drinking so often led me down a dark/dangerous/blackout path. At first, I needed to be really controlled about planning in advance. I'd decide in advance "I'll be out at lunch on Saturday, if I feel like a red wine, I'll have one." When I was going on holiday I planned in advance to have one drink each day. Planning in advance also built my self-belief around having control over drinking. Now I am confident I can make an "in the moment" decision (but I will still only have a drink if I'm in a safe place, with appropriate people, in a calm mood, not in a pub etc.)

  6. When you are having a drink, sip and savor. Really enjoy it. Also, if it helps, make your next drink non-alcoholic and totally different in taste, flavor or temperature. I might enjoy a glass of wine and then have a tea. Don't know why, but that helped me "draw a line" under the drinking part when I was starting to moderate and now I do it from habit.

  7. Lastly when you decide to change that means that things WILL change - and not only habits, but it's likely that you will change as a person - your priorities, your idea of what is fun etc. It can take a while to find your feet with this new way of being, but after a little while momentum builds and it gets easier. Other peoples perceptions and expectations of you change too. For so long I was "party girl", the one who could always be relied on for a night of drinking. It took a while for the people around me to accept that I wasn't going to be drinking to obliteration anymore. Now that they accept this, I can be out with them and not drink and it's not even mentioned anymore!

The last thing is just that for me, these changes have been soooo worth it! I have so much more money, energy, creativity. I feel like I can trust myself. I feel proud of myself instead of ashamed (as I so often was). So much of my time, energy and brainpower was locked up with alcohol. Now it's gorgeous to be able to have a drink if I want one but not to need it anymore, to feel social or relax or feel part of a crowd. Now my self-identity is of someone who has a healthy relationship with alcohol and that "pull" that used to be there to drink before just isn't there anymore. It took a bit of work to get to a place I am happy with, but it's so worth it.

I totally trust that you will find out what is best for you and I'm absolutely cheering you on in your journey. Let me know if I can help in any way.”

I hope that Aoife’s share was helpful for you to read!

If you have a specific question about mindful drinking - let me know!! I’d love to feature your question in an upcoming post on the topic.

If you liked hearing from a community member, also let me know! I can see how we can continue to share more features and success stories.

Make sure to keep reading for a yummy mock margarita recipe and tips for getting through cinco de mayo mindfully.



Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Here is the perfect margarita mocktail mix to celebrate with mindfulness. Just mix together, garnish your drink rim (optional) and enjoy! If you have plans to go out tonight, remember to set you intentions BEFORE you head out. Think about how you want to feel during and at the end of the night, and work backwards from there. If possible, share your intentions with a friend, your significant other, or in the Facebook group! Of course, there's nothing wrong with opting out of the festivities and enjoying a mocktail at home - which is what I plan on doing!!


  •  ¼ cup lime juice

  • ¼ cup lemon flavored sparking water

  • ¼ cup lime flavored sparkling water

  • ¼ cup orange juice

  • Agave syrup (optional/to taste)

  • ice

  • Optional: salt & lime to garnish

I'm celebrating 3 years in biz!! With something new I've never offered before...

Hello lovely reader,

On Friday I wrote to you about my rebirth - and celebrating the fact that I although I’m going through a challenging time - I’m taking care of myself to a whole new level.

It is affirming to see how far I’ve come, and I’m ever grateful for the tools to see me through this transition with as much self-compassion and grace as possible. (in case you missed Friday’s email, click here)

Now, for the first time, I’m sharing some of the tools that have served me to release the past and welcome a new way of being in a relationship with myself and my life’s circumstances.

Spring Cleaning Releasing Ritual

I have used fire rituals powerfully over the past few years. I have been able to release old stories keeping me stuck, forgive and let go of pain, reset patterns that seemed to keep repeating themselves, get clear on my desires, invite news stories and receive clarity, abundance, and faith in the process.

I’ve fined tuned a process that will support you with whichever story you are ready to rewrite or pattern you forward to changing.I have facilitated these rituals for groups as large as 100 and intimately with my private clients.

Now, for the first time, I am offered a customized “Spring Cleaning Release Ritual” for YOU!!!

What’s included:

  • A deep dive session to get clear on where you are stuck or what needs clearing (60 mins)

  • A customized set of questions to guide your reflection and preparation for the ritual

  • A step by step plan for creating your unique releasing ritual

  • Accountability in actually following through with the ritual

  • A 30-minute integration call within 30 days after the ritual

This offer is ONLY available as a Spring Cleaning. Breakthrough calls will be scheduled between now and May 1, integration calls will be scheduled through to May 31.

To confirm your Spring Cleaning Sessions, click here to book your breakthrough call and confirm your payment by clicking here and entering the angel number amount of 223$ USD.

This is a POWERFUL healing process that will help you release anything that no longer serves you so that you can move into the next season (and the rest of the year) lighter, with more clarity, and ready to welcome a new story and new YOU.

Private coaching super special spring offer:

I realized, thanks to Facebook’s “On This Day” feature, that I launched my online business exactly 3 years ago this weekend.


What an incredible, wild ride that had taught me so much and for which I have INFINITE gratitude amounts of gratitude. As I just wrote on my personal Facebook wall “I've been doing through a particularly challenging transition recently and it's my community / clients / readers who help anchor me, who remind me of my own tools, strength, and resilience, and why showing up fully and feeling all the feels and refusing to run/numb is the best thing I can do for myself and others.

What an incredible three years it has been... I am infinitely grateful to have been given this path to follow. It truly is a privilege to live this laptop lifestyle, using my gifts to be of service and to do "work" that fills me up and keeps me striving to be a better human every damn day.”

To celebrate 3 years in biz, I’m offering a super special opportunity to work with me 1-1, and I only have THREE of these spots available.

At 333$/month (regular $400) this saves you a WHOLE MONTH off of 6 months coaching.

The thing is, I really only have 3 of these spots available because I take a limited number of private clients at any given time to ensure the best possible experience and container of support for each and every person I work with. Once these spots are full, they are full. Not only that, I will be putting my rates up when I have more spots available because I haven’t raised my rates in 3 years!! (Since launching my business, I have invested thousands into my continuing education and professional development and raising my rates is long overdue).

To set up a strategy session and see if private coaching is a good fit for you, please click here. Remember, there are only 3 of these spots available so if you think this is something you'd like in your life, don't delay! My private coaching will not be offered again at this price and once these spots are filled, I won't be taking any new clients until the end of May at least, and my rates will be higher.

I hope that you have a beautiful weekend and took time to celebrate what you are proud of and steps you've taken in your rebirth/renewal and towards a new you.

I would be absolutely honoured to support you to dive deeper into your healing and transformation this spring.

Shall we?


Breaking Through

She leaned in, tears streaming down her face. Bringing herself to the edge of the sofa where she was sitting, she crossed the gap towards where I was sitting across from her with her warm embrace.

“Caitlin, you are so so brave,” she said.

“Being true to yourself is one of the hardest things you can do, especially when it goes against the status quo. And you are doing this without numbing, you are staying present through the pain. You are so brave.”

I hugged her and sobbed. I sobbed tears of release, tears of sadness, tears of relief, tears of exhaustion from trying so hard to be someone I’m not.

When I finally pulled away, I asked: “What do I do now?”

“You need to be honest,” my therapist said. “You need to tell the truth.”

I knew the answer, yet hearing it made it real.

Yes, I have to tell the truth.

Not doing so has led to a kind of soul-level dissonance that has caused anxiety, headaches, irritability and a stronger craving to disappear back into numbing behaviors than I have felt in years.

The truth is that I wasn’t happy in my relationship. I didn’t feel as though I could be a whole person, or fully accepted as the complex person that I am. While I’ve been growing in so many areas of my life, engaged deeply in healing and transformational work, and have had a major impact on the lives of many - I consistently shrank at home. I had to keep myself small and contained and within a role pre-determined by culture, religion and societal expectations.

So why was it so hard to be honest, even though honesty and authenticity are two of my foundational values and imbued in everything I do professionally?

I’ve thought a lot about this.

I see it over and over again with my clients and friends.

As women, we’re trained at making due. We probably have a biological imperative to do so. We try to make the best of things, especially when there are children involved. My mama bear instinct is strong and the thought of doing anything to disrupt my child’s life was unbearable.

Luis is also an incredible father and human being - he’s kind, funny, generous and protective. Things weren’t horrible, by any stretch. When it came to providing for Luna and giving her a solid foundation, he was there 100%.

But when it came to trying to what I needed to continue to grow and show up fully as an integrated, whole woman - we were worlds apart.

I won’t share much more out of respect for him (of which I have a tremendous amount) and the transition we are going through but I did need to share what was happening with me.

You may have noticed that I’ve been quiet for awhile and this is partially why.

The other part is that I was focused on hosting 12 incredible women for our first Lucir retreat here in Puerto Escondido. It was a life-shifting experience for all involved and creating the energetic container for the magic to happen required my full presence leading up to and after the event.

One thing I can say with absolute certainty is that I am so grateful for this path I walk. I am so grateful for the tools I have learned and created because I am putting them ALL to use now.

Since Lucir wrapped just over 2 weeks ago,
I have started doing the thrive threesome daily again (from Chapter 2 in my book, let me know if you want to know more).
I’ve been sleeping a lot and drinking a lot of tea.
I’ve been exercising, dancing or doing yoga daily.
I’ve watched a lot of sunsets and spent a lot of time stargazing.
I’ve had a massage and booked another one for this Saturday.
I have stayed on the emotional rollercoaster ride even during the terrifying drops that make me want to jump off.
I’ve been feeling ALL the feels and staying present.
I’ve stayed with the pain and uncertainty.
I’ve resisted the temptation to distract myself with social engagements, dates, or new projects.
I’ve stayed mindfully connected with my clients and community and am so grateful that we have each other.
I’ve been planning some new offerings that feel in total alignment with where I’m at right now and the past year of powerful transformation and can’t wait to share more info on that soon.

There you have it dear, a summary of the massive shifts happening in my life.

Thank you for understanding that I simply couldn’t write for awhile - I needed to stay present with what was happening for myself before trying to explain it to others.

There will be much, much more coming your way soon as this butterfly takes flight and processes her transformation.

Until then, infinite gratitude and love,