A retreat for women who want to reignite their passion, power and sensuality.

Feb 22-26th, 2019 in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

◆ Learn tools to access and reclaim your feminine power.◆ Rediscover the true essence of who you are.◆ Have a better relationship with yourself and others.◆ Embody your sensual self.◆ Open your heart to new possibilities.◆ Create a new vibrant story for your life.◆ Practice self-love rituals.◆ Connect deeply with your body and its infinite wisdom.

Tatiana will be performing Sensual Goddess Rituals and teaching Tantric Ancient Practices where you’ll learn tools to connect to your sensual body and your primal source of energy. You’ll practice Tantric Goddess rituals and intimacy meditation techniques to heighten your senses, increase your sensuality and intimacy with yourself and others.

Caitlin will be leading Sensual Movement and Embodiment practices. She will be facilitating powerful processes of self-discovery where you will have the opportunity to explore the stories you’ve been told, release the ones that no longer serve, and create new ones.

This unique experience is limited to an intimate group of women of 8-10 participants. Our work together will include: meditations, movement, “platicas”/group talks, plenty of time for private introspection, fire “pujas”/rituals on the beach, dancing, play, relaxation, deliciously nourishing and taste bud titillating gourmet home-cooked food.

The retreat location is a solar-powered, eco-friendly luxury retreat villa. Uninterrupted ocean-front views and 360 degree privacy make this getaway destination a true gem. You will relax in the infinity pool as you are soothed by the sound of the waves crashing on the beach just a short walk away. You can soak up the rays on the many patios or find shade under the expertly designed palapa. The villa offers a variety of accommodations from King suites with private verandas, to Queens that can be comfortably shared with friends, and the Shared Suite with sleeps 5-6 slumber party style...all rooms have private bathrooms and inspiring original art.

The villa is a 10 minute drive from Puerto Escondido, a fishing village that is also home to one of the world’s most famous surf breaks. The story goes that Puerto Escondido (Hidden Port) was first called Bahia de la Escondida (Bay of the Hidden Woman) because a female slave escaped her captors ship by swimming ashore and finding refuge in the wild jungle shores.

You too can find respite in this tropical paradise, allowing “La Madre Tierra” nurture you with an abundance of fresh locally grown food, clean air, natural beauty and la vida tranquila that coastal life has to offer.

4 nights luxury accommodation, private or shared options available Wholesome, gourmet meals made with locally sourced ingredients (vegan/vegetarian with fish and seafood options available) Daily rituals, yoga and movement classes (yoga mats and props included) Daily intimate group playshops and private treatmentsConnection, sacred tools, sisterhood and memories to last a lifetime Airport transfers and local transportation (flights not included)

Your Hosts

Hi, there. This is Tatiana. I believe sexually liberated women are going to heal the world. I’ve always known since I was a little girl that my mission was to help bring the divine feminine back to the modern world and to teach women the ancient secrets to love, pleasure and sex magic. I do this specifically by helping women connect to their bodies and fall back in love with themselves like never before.

And this is Caitlin! My passion is igniting transformation and supporting women to “volver” (journey back to themselves) and to “lucir” (to shine their inner light, uninhibited and bright). I know that identifying and speaking our truth is both one of the most challenging and liberating endeavours of our lives. I do this using a combination of holistic and neuro-transformational coaching, positive psychology and embodiment work. I believe that the most revolutionary and liberating work we can do as women (and for humanity) is to show up and be seen, fully and wholly, raw and imperfectly.

Caitlin has been visiting Puerto Escondido since she was 5 years old and finally settled there full time 7 years ago. She brings a deep knowledge and love for the local culture, culinary offerings and lifestyle. She truly has embraced her second home with every ounce of her being and is so excited to share with you.

Combining her background in holistic health, nutrition, neuro-transformational coaching, behavioral psychology, fitness and dance – Caitlin will create luscious movement and dance experiences, facilitate group playshops that will take you deep to release old stories that are keeping you stuck, support you to feel more aligned and connected to your body, your joy, and your sensuality.

As the founder of Redefining Sobriety, Caitlin supports women to redefine their relationship to themselves,  their bodies and their sexuality.

Tatiana is a Sacred Sex & Relationship Expert and Tantra Teacher born and raised in New York City.  She’s a Priestess of the Sri Vidya lineage of Shakta Tantra and the Lead trainer of the late Psalm Isadora. She’s also the founder of the Priestess Mystery School and the S.L.U.T. Movement to help break the stigma around slut shaming.

Tatiana, like most masterful energy healers, has been a student of energy and sensual choreographic healing for her entire life, studying modalities from around the world.  She incorporates the ancient wisdom of Tantra, Goddess worship and Shamanism with practical tools for the modern world.

She’s been featured in Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Health.com, The Greatist, The Insider, Athleisurist Magazine, Sensheant Magazine, AskMen.com, Stylecaster.com and YourTango.com.