“I contacted Caitlin to work on “changing my relationship to alcohol”. After 1:1 coaching, participation in her on-line private groups of like-minded, supportive, and loving people and attending her in-person retreat in Mexico, I not only changed my relationship to alcohol, I changed my relationship to myself! Caitlin consistently “held up the mirror” so I could see and understand myself and my reasons for wanting to numb my emotions. She taught me about my personality, my mindset, my emotions and that I am enough. By asking the right question at the right time and sharing a vast and varied chest of techniques and rituals, she challenged me to see and release old patterns that no longer serve me, and to learn to love myself enough to take care of my whole self every single day. Although Caitlin specializes in changing your relationship to alcohol, her work is for all people that want to live a more authentic, loving and peaceful life. Her own authenticity, vitality and loving care will help you see yourself and you will grow, transform and thrive.”