Hola hola…

Popping in here quickly mid-week to share this very special video and invitation with you.

Honestly, I cry every single time I watch it.
I am moved to happy tears, tears of remembrance and recognition, tears of the monumental shifts that were created during this experience.
Shifts in the lives of all 11 “Lucisters” and shifts in both myself and Terri.

In my last update I shared the mantra that changed my life (which I created at the first retreat I attended 7 years ago). I now count my experience at Lucir as another life-changing event.

I had named the retreat Lucir because I loved the idea of creating an experience that supported women to shine more brightly and to show up unapologetically, beautifully and brightly as the most expressed version of themselves.

What I didn’t realize at the time (but my intuition certainly must have known) was how much I myself would be transformed by this experience.

I left Lucir realizing I could no longer hide parts of myself, I could no longer settled or shrink. While I have experienced tremendous growth and healing over the past 7 years, I still was keeping myself small in certain ways. Stepping into my role as guide/facilitator of Lucir, I released myself, stepping fully into my power.

The beauty of the experience at Lucir is that each woman made it her own.

It was a profoundly personal journey, with the container of support of a loving sisterhood – hence the terms we coined of “Lucisters” (Lucir sisters, or sisters-in-shine).

In celebration of the power of sisterhood, we’ve decided to add a very special bonus.

If you and a friend sign up during the early bird offer (until this Friday), you BOTH receive an additional 5% off. This means you both receive 20% off either the price of the dorm or the double room (both King Suites have already been reserved). We also have payment plans available!

This is the last time you’ll be receiving an email about the early bird offer and invitation to bring a friend. You can read more about Lucir here.

This Friday we’re back to business as usually with the blog – and I’m going to be starting an 8-part series that will reveal my 8 lessons learned on this recent journey to BE MORE ME. All completely free, just stay tuned right here.

I’m so looking forward to sharing.