Intense energies and just "being"


"I'm in paradise," my friend exclaimed this morning as she lept down the path to the beach to go for a swim. "PARADISE!!"

No, I'm not back in Mexico.

I'm still at my mom's house on the Westcoast of Canada, the house I grew up in. I took a moment from multitasking trying to catch up on emails on my phone while side-eye keeping track of my toddler to pause and watch my friend's pure joy as she jumped in the invigorating waters of Malaspina Straight. It really is beautiful here and I'm so grateful that I'm able to be here for a visit.

More than that, I'm grateful I'm actually able to take the time now to just BE. To be present. To put the phone down. To spent time with my daughter and watching her fascination discovering a new world around her. To witness her relationship with her grandmother blossoming.

And on a much deeper level, I'm grateful to just be with myself. To have a bit of spaciousness. To be amidst the tall trees and the westcoast wilderness smells that heal my soul. To feel joy and gratitude and abundance. To feel loneliness and sadness and grief. All of it.

You see, I didn't used to let myself feel this deeply because I couldn't slow down enough to just BE. I was on some kind of insane fast track and I didn't even realize how little I allowed myself to slow down. I felt anxious and uncomfortable if I wasn't doing anything. Or guilty. It just didn't feel "right."

I had to train myself to truly take time for myself and be present. I still have the tendency to over-schedule and say yes to more than I can realistically do and keep myself distracted by the busy-ness of doing.

Many have commented that the energies have been intense recently. It could be the eclipse and what's going on in that stars. It most likely also has something to do with the tragic event in Charlottesville and the huge cultural wounds, racism and bigotry that have been so blatantly revealed again.

It can be tempting to want to turn away from the discomfort.

I encourage you to find ways in the next week to just be.

To be with yourself and your feelings, whatever might arise.
To be in moments of gratitude.
Moments of noticing.
Moments of divine presence.
Moments of confusion or pain or emptiness.
Moments of whatever.
If this feels new or strange to you, you might want to ask yourself, in one of these quiet moments, "what does it feel like to be me right now?"

I didn't used to think it was paradise here.

I didn't allow myself to feel the beauty of this place because it was still wrapped up in a lot of the pain in my teens years. It wasn't until I fully allowed myself to open up to healing, to slow down and FEEL, and yes, the full range of feelings and emotions, that I truly understood what a gift this presence and place is.

Next week is the last week of August. I'll be revving up and starting to share tips on how to have a supercharged (and sober, if you choose) September. However, I'm not going to rush. I'm committed to inviting this spaciousness and presence over the weekend and into early next week. I invite you to join me in creating these moments for yourself.


[Be More You Video 8 of 8] Seeking support



I hope this blog posts finds you exceptionally well at the end of this week. Can you believe we're already halfway through August? Now is definitely the time to slow down as much as possible and savour the last of summer (if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, of course!). I will be revving up for September soon with all kinds of motivating posts on creating new habits and trying out a "sober September" (as defined by YOU - which means you don't have to abstain completely from alcohol if you don't want to... yep, intriguing isn't it!?)

For now, I'm thrilled and slightly sad to share the final installment of the Be More You Video series with you. Thrilled because I love the content and it's been so fun sharing these steps with you, sad that it's coming to an end!

In this final video I talk about Seeking Support, and you'll learn:

  • Why your support team is essential for taking risks and continued growth

  • How to be proactive in seeking the support to show up fully

  • What you can say to people in your life to get the specific support you need

  • And more!


[Be More You Video 7 of 8] Practicing Radical Honesty



Happy Monday! How are you doing today?

I'm so excited to share the latest "Be More You" video with you.

The topic of this video, Practicing Radical Honesty, has been one of the most challenging and also liberating for me.

In this video, you'll learn:

  • What is radical honesty and why it's important releasing numbing/addictive behaviours

  • Why we fear telling the truth

  • How to practice radical honesty

  • Where to find support to practice radical honesty

  • And more!

I can't wait to hear what you think about this video. Please know that you can practice radical honesty with me! I mention how you can do this at the end of the video.


[Be More You Video 6 of 8] Stop shoulding, settling and staying small


Hello ,

We're back with the Be More You videos!! And how perfect that the theme of this video is how to Stop Shoulding, Settling and Staying Small.

There were a lot of "shoulds" that came up for me last week, as life collided with many to-dos to get us ready to leave the country, paperwork that needed attending to, an entire apartment that needed to be packed up before we left, a sick assistant, technical problems etc etc. I felt myself spread thin and the "shoulds" started to creep in. Thankfully, I was able to re-record this video and let myself off the hook!

The video covers:

  • How to identify the shoulds and release them

  • How to simplify and create space for YOU to show up

  • How settling may be keeping you small

  • A powerful mantra to create safety to shine

  • And more!

As always, I'd love to hear what you think and what you will be applying this info, or if you even should... (you'll know what I mean when you watch the video ;)


While you're waiting...



How are you today? You might be wondering why there isn't a new Be More You video in your inbox or on my blog yet. My assistant has been really sick, I've been traveling and filing paperwork for Luna's passport and we've had some technical difficulties with the recordings, so the next videos will be coming later this week.

In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy reading some articles of mine that were previously published on Mind Body Green.

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I hope you enjoy and we'll be back with the videos very soon!