What does Friday mean for you? Is it going out to the club, staying in with a good book, or visiting with girlfriends?

No matter what activity you’re partaking in this weekend, a fabulous Pomegranate Lassi might be the perfect compliment to your celebration. Lassi is one of the super foods that infuses your body with tons of energy without having too many calories, which I know we can all appreciate.


½ cup of Pomegranate seeds

1 cup of thick yogurt, Greek yogurt or coconut yogurt

A pinch of cardamom powder

2 tablespoon honey or sugar

½ teaspoon kewra essence or rose-water

A few pistachios to garnish

A few pomegranate seeds to garnish


First grind or blend the pomegranate seeds. Then sieve the juice to get rid of any crushed seeds. Chop few pistachios and put the rest for garnishing. Now in a big mixing bowl add yogurt, pomegranate juice, pistachios, cardamom and honey. Mix everything thoroughly with a whisk (for this step you can also use hand blender). Now you will see that froth has formed on the top of the lassi… that’s exactly what you want! Pour into individual glasses. Garnish with crushed Pistachios and few pomegranate seeds. Serve it chilled. You can also add one ice-cube to the serving glass to keep the lassi chilled.