How are you? How’s your summer going so far (if you are in this hemisphere, if not, how’s winter break?) Whether it’s winter or summer vacation, chances are you’re experiencing changes in scheduling, travel, family visits etc, which all have the potential to make daily habits and self-care a bit more challenging.

I was speaking with a client last night, and we were scheduling our sessions for the next 3 months, and as I was reviewing my calendar I mentioned – “Luna’s back in school in two weeks, thank god!”

My client burst out laughing and said, “you’re the first mom I’ve heard say that! But I feel like the other moms I know just don’t feel like they can be honest about what it’s like having kids home all summer.”

You know me, always keeping it real with my commentary.

It’s true! I’m excited for Luna to get back to school and for us to be back in a routine.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had an amazing summer. Luna and I traveled around the West Coast of Canada, visiting family and friends, and I just recently returned from a work trip to Mexico City. Next week we will be traveling with another family to Oaxaca City for 5 days. However, in the midst of this, I’ve also maintained my client sessions and last week had to move houses (the boxes remain unpacked). We’ve been sleeping in different beds and in different time zones and interruptions to schedules. It can take its toll!

Despite all of this, I’m proud of how I’ve handled my self-care this summer and wanted to share a few things that have really helped me stay on track.

Seems so basic but it’s really easy to get off track. I’ve made getting enough sleep a priority which has made absolutely everything else more manageable.

Morning routines
I try as much as possible to stick to a morning routine. This isn’t always easy, especially when I’m traveling, however – it makes a huge difference!! Even a reduced morning routine sends the signal that YOU are a priority and YOU matter and are worth making the effort. A sample summer (reduced) morning routine for me includes: putting my phone on airplane mode (or turn off notifications if you can’t be completely unavailable), taking a few minutes in bed before waking up to set my intentions for how I want to feel during the day, journaling if possible (the daily 3 takes 5 minutes and is a great way to start your day with gratitude, celebration and connecting to your desires), water and lemon, then my supplements and then a green juice. This takes between 5 and 15 minutes and makes ALL the difference in my day! (message me if you have any question about this!)

I don’t know about you, but I used to have the tendency to pack a lot in during the summer. I wanted to do ALL the things!! I’ve dialed way back and focused on quality connections versus the quantity of activities. I’ve noticed that sometimes I need to step away before making a decision or committing to something or someone, and ask myself if this is really what I want or is in most alignment with how I want to feel this summer? It’s not always easy. For example, I really wanted to be in San Diego for a training this week. I would have also had the opportunity to spend time with some incredible souls whom I love. However, being in the middle of a move and needing to have some stability for Luna and I was also really important for me/us. This also a client week and I would have had to reschedule everyone in order to travel, which I realized was causing me stress when I thought about it. Previously, I would have ignored all of these signs or not taking the time to check in (cue morning routines as a great way to do a self-inventory… it’s all connected!!)

Follow the 50/50 rule if drinking alcohol
This isn’t the one to one that we usually hear about (which refers to drinking one n/a beverage for every alcoholic one). This means ordering TWO drinks at the same time (one with alcohol one without) and alternating as you drink them both OR if making your own drinks, cut down the amount of alcohol by adding more of something non-alcoholic, ie making a wine spritzer instead of pouring a full glass of wine. This slows down your drinking, spaces out your alcoholic drinks and also ensures that you are hydrating. Psychologically, it also puts your non-alcoholic beverage on the same level as the alcoholic one.

Pictured on left, one of my favourite n/a spritzers made with turmeric, ginger, orange and honey (they also have a version with gin) and on the right, a summer sangria and a glass of sparkling water, which I kept adding to the sangria – both from Coastal Cookery in my hometown of Powell River)

Follow the 80/20 rule for LIFE
I was speaking with another client last night and she was sharing how she was so proud that she’d been able to ease up on herself. In the past, she would push herself super hard and also pendulum swing back and forth between work hard/play hard, and then elimination diets and no alcohol, then fall “off track” again and the cycle would continue. Now she follows what in my Nutrition School we refer to as the 80/20 rule. Following the best nutrition plan for you (taking into consideration your physiology,  digestive health, energy levels etc – it varies from person to person) for 80% of the time, and allowing yourself to ease up for the other 20% of the time by choosing the less healthy options for food and drink. If you’re someone who likes to enjoy ALLLL the things that summer eating and drinking have to offer (as I do) – this can be a really great general guideline to follow. Again, let me know if you’d like more information about this!!

What are your favourite tips for the season? I’d love to hear!

I also wanted to give you the heads up that I will be opening up a few more spots for private coaching (Luna goes back to school in two weeks, yyyaaaayyy) so please set up a time for us to chat and see if it’s a good fit for you. 

Once these spots fill up, I won’t be taking new clients until the new year as I have a busy fall with different events planned!

So if you want to experience a powerful change NOW, get in touch!!