Hello hello!

How are you?

I’m dropping you a line from 34,000 feet in the sky! I’m still processing an incredible, soulful, affirming 4 days in New York City.

Something that struck me so clearly was how EASY this trip was. I was able to set intentions and stick to them effortlessly. I was in a series of trigger situations and yet didn’t have to spend extra energy or thought around drinking or not drinking or how much. I had a super packed scheduled and yet I honoured my energy levels and self care and am actually heading back to Mexico feeling rested.

While I spend time processing what really worked for me this time and how monumental one of the events was (sneak peak pics below), I thought I would share with you several of the blogs I wrote last year which are most of the “how to” from previous trips to was I used to refer to as “trigger city” – as I learned how to navigate New York City without alcohol, and of course learned so much about myself in the process!

“I got tipsy and I’m ok with that”
“It’s My Birthday And I’ll Cry If I Want To
98% alcohol free in NYC – wanna know how?

I also want to share something crazy that just happened, which I’m also still processing but it’s so real for me right now that I can’t not mention it!

After thriving my way through my stay in NYC, I am now having one of the biggest “I need a drink” moments that I’ve had in a long while.

I’m sitting on the plane from NYC back to Mexico, looking forward to getting caught up on work and my blog, and when I reach into my bag I realize that I have the WRONG COMPUTER!!

Somehow going through security I ended up with someone else’s computer. I had wandered around, bought some gifts and snacks, and posted photos while at the airport because I knew I’d have 5 hours to work on the plane. So I pull out my computer as soon as we’re able and immediately thought – this isn’t mine!! But I couldn’t allow myself to believe it until I opened it.

WTF. It’s not mine. Thankfully this one has the person’s name to enter when you try to log on, so I know his name. Mine computer doesn’t have my name to log it, because it’s not actually mine… It’s a computer that was loaned to me when I spilled coffee on my computer and it was damaged beyond repair.

I immediately informed the flight attendants who are calling down to the airport but I probably won’t know anything until we land in Mexico City.

I REALLY wanted to buy a drink. Actually, to be honest, I wanted the flight attendants to offer me one. They didn’t, and I didn’t buy one. I’m sipping on seltzer water, and then ordered a tea.

All I can do now is sit here and breathe deeply and wonder: “why is this happening FOR ME?” It’s on repeat.

The woman sitting next to me actually commented on how calm I was while processing this. I then opened up to her and shared a bit of my story… that I was really proud of myself for not drinking given my history. And she said, “Of course. You are so much better off being present and really feeling what’s going on rather than avoiding or clouding yourself from the outcome.”

And she’s so right, of course!! There is nothing I can do in this moment but have faith that it will work out and nurture myself through it. Stay present for the miracles that are surely happening.

Can you all take a collective deep breath WITH ME please? And send prayers that my/my friend’s company computer will make it’s way back to me and the reason for this happening is so much more awesome than I can even comprehend right now?

I really appreciate it, thanks!