I spent a lot of time offline, and felt the shift in energy BIG time this week, with my daughter back at school yesterday and me with regular office hours again.

One of the tenets of Redefining Sobriety (and redefining your relationship to alcohol, to your body, to yourSELF) is that YOU get to decide your path.

Yes, YOU.

And that’s exactly why setting powerful and personal intentions is so important!!

If you’re feeling “behind” or didn’t have the mental or heart space for setting clear intentions on New Year’s, I feel you! In fact, I started writing mine on the 1st, and then didn’t really feel connected to sitting down with them again until last night!

I went and watched the sunset, then came home, lit a candle and some palo santo, and got to writing.

Apparently, this New Moon and Solar Eclipse were stirring up some stuff. It may just be that some of what you’ve experienced in the past week or so is giving you even more clarity on what you want and need in terms of boundaries, stability and creating the foundation from which you can strongly spring into this next year.

Remember, intentions GROW with the light of the moon. So, this week’s waxing moon (growing towards a full moon) is the perfect time to get clear.

However, as I mentioned in my New Year’s post, it is not enough to only set intentions.

It’s essential that you put energy and action into the intentions.

What is one small shift you can commit to for daily action and to create the discipline to go for your dreams?

A small shift I’m committing to this week is to start getting up an hour earlier and writing.

This was a practice I had committed to a few months ago and I would wake up naturally slightly before sunrise.

Over the holidays and with a change in schedule (and more late nights) I’ve been sleeping in longer and as such, have had less time for writing.

This “small” shift also tied directly to one of my bigger intentions this year, which it to become even more prolific in my writing and to publish my second book.

I’ve also committed to some BIG shifts by way of what I am focusing on work-wise – which also favour some of my bigger overall intentions of more connection and quality time.

For that reason, I am collaborating more and creating more opportunities for in-depth 1-1 AND group work, work as well as in-person events.

I have opened up a few more spots for 1-1 coaching and have a very special offer for you if you sign up this week! Please schedule a call ASAP if you are interested because once these spots are filled, I won’t be offering more 1-1 coaching for awhile.