I hope this blog posts finds you exceptionally well at the end of this week. Can you believe we’re already halfway through August? Now is definitely the time to slow down as much as possible and savour the last of summer (if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, of course!). I will be revving up for September soon with all kinds of motivating posts on creating new habits and trying out a “sober September” (as defined by YOU – which means you don’t have to abstain completely from alcohol if you don’t want to… yep, intriguing isn’t it!?)

For now, I’m thrilled and slightly sad to share the final installment of the Be More You Video series with you. Thrilled because I love the content and it’s been so fun sharing these steps with you, sad that it’s coming to an end!

In this final video I talk about Seeking Support, and you’ll learn:

  • Why your support team is essential for taking risks and continued growth

  • How to be proactive in seeking the support to show up fully

  • What you can say to people in your life to get the specific support you need

  • And more!