Some of you will have (maybe) celebrated Canada day on July 1, others will be celebrating July 4th this weekend, and well, for everyone else not in Canada or the US, why not celebrate the beginning of July just for the heck of it??

I keep getting reports of how dang HOT it is in so many parts of North America, hotter even than where I am in Mexico!! So I thought it timely to post my top tips for staying hydrated while having the most fun ever. This will be short and sweet aka less reading, more playing.

Here are my 5 top tips for staying cool amidst the steamy celebrations.

  1. Hydrate with H2O: This is one thing you do want to overindulge on! Try infusing water with mint, basil, slices of cucumber, strawberries, rose petals, lemon or lime, and of course, plenty of ice to keep it cool (warm water with slightly fermenting floaties = not cool)

  2. BYONAB: A slightly longer acronym but oh so important!! Bring your own non-alcoholic beverage, and make it delicious!! N/a mojitos and spritzers are my favourite.

  3. Two to one: If you are choosing to drink alcohol, drink two non-alcoholic beverages in between each alcoholic one. This is where your infused waters, spritzers and mojitos come in handy. Plus, if you are switching it up but don’t want anyone to know you are drinking less, how are they going to tell the difference if it’s the same pretty drink in your hand, minus the booze?

  4. Sip it: When it’s hot out, it can be tempting to chug down a refreshing beverage, forgetting that it’s full of alcohol. If you are drinking alcohol, sip it slowly or make sure it has extra ice so you aren’t tempted to down it quickly.

  5. Eat something: Summer picnics and BBQs are full of food, but sometimes the heat can kill your appetite. Don’t forget to snack through the afternoon and evening to slow the absorption of alcohol. Proteins and healthy fats take longer to digest and therefore will stay in your stomach longer.

That’s all for now, my beauty!! Please share these tips with your friends … so we can all enjoy savvy, sassy (not sloppy) summer good-times.