“There’s so much to write about that I’m having a hard time narrowing it down.”

Those are the words that I typed to a friend this past weekend.

She asked what I was doing, and I replied that I was sitting on the patio, writing. She asked if I was writing a blog post and I said no, I’m writing copy for a new retreat launching soon (more details in the coming weeks).

Her nudge helped me set aside the time to sit down and write to you.

Truth be told, I’ve really enjoyed the break from being online and feeling the need to be connecting online all of the time. 5 years in my business and equally as long on this journey of redefining sobriety for myself, I needed an opportunity just to “BE” with myself and my life and my healing and growth without having to figure out how to process it or share it.

(I was able to release myself from the “shoulds” of how often I should be posting, what I should be writing about, which social media channels I should be posting on… there are so many shoulds that consume us online service providers!)

Through the fall/last quarter of the year, I was also DEEEEEEP healing around sexual trauma that I experienced in my teens and early adult years, while at the same time working to heal my co-dependency and finally learning how to truly be on my own. I was writing a lot about what I was going through, writing almost every day, but it felt (and still does) too personal to share.

That being said, I think about you and my community a lot! While I haven’t been as active online, I’ve had the opportunity to continue working with some incredible people, privately and in groups, so believe it or not, the work continues whether or not I’m sharing about it online 😉

Here’s the brief summary of what I’ve been up to since the new year:

In January, I mostly focused on friends/family and two fundraisers for my daughter’s school, as well as a writing an organizational review for the non-profit I founded 10+ years ago and for whom I still serve on the board of directors (if you’re curious about that work,you can check out Youth RISE here!)

February was the month of LOVE and I organized another fundraiser/Valentine’s day party, practiced a lot of loving myself through the beginning of some health challenges (I’ll share more about this at a future date), and co-hosted the Sensual Alchemy Retreat with Tatiana Dellepiane, which was powerful and transformative beyond words.

In March, I curated and helped host another retreat for my friend Chantelle Adams. It was a super fun, very creative experience, and I was so grateful to have been able to support this group of incredible entrepreneurs to show up and be of service through their business.

My amazing collaborator and co-coach Matthew Hayes and I started our second round of The Discovery Room, an intimate group coaching experience where we support participants to make a BIG shift in their lives, quickly.

Through the first 3 months of the year, I also welcomed 5 new incredibly aligned clients into my private practice and felt deep gratitude that these women found me on the internet and decided to change their lives through diving deep into the work with me.

You might be aware that last year I bought land, 30 minutes southwest of where I live now in Mexico, in a tiny town called Puertecito. The goal is to build a wellness/retreat center, and in the past few months and with the help of my incredible client turned friend turned business partner, we began working on the incorporation and development of our corporation (first step to being able to have land ownership and run a business here) here in a more dedicated and focused way.

All of this was happening and then mid-march, I got sick. Really sick. And have spent the past month slowly recovering. Not being able to get out of bed, having to ask for help with my daughter, re-evaluating my work-load and priorities, have all been humbling experiences. I also plan on sharing more about this soon too 🙂

So that’s the quick and dirty update. Each one of these topics could have been expanded into its own blog, and maybe they will.

I’ve set another intention for myself to write every day for the next 30 day, and I would love to hear – what would you like to read about? Are there things that you are curious about?

I’ve also started a list of topics that have come up recently in private sessions and group work, and I’m considering writing more about. Here’s what I have so far:

  • The purpose of triggers and how they can help you
  • The fact that you can’t selectively numb (if you numb/push away the pain, you’re also pushing away the love and joy)
  • Noticing the old stories and consciously choosing to write a new one
  • How to stop being so damn hard on yourself
  • Understanding your unconscious motivations (basic fear/avoidance, basic desire) and what they have to do with your choices around alcohol
  • Why changing your relationship to alcohol is just the tip of the iceberg

Which speaks to you? Which topic would be most helpful to you right now?

With love and a ton of gratitude,