Happy Thursday!

I’m popping in a day early to share a super special invitation with you.

I arrived last night to Fort Worth, Texas there I will be participating in and speaking at an event called Infinite Receiving.

I met Maru Iabichela, the creator, at an event in NYC almost a year ago. It was the first time I shared my story onstage in front of hundreds of people. We connected in multiple ways and became fast friends.

Shortly after, I participated in her online challenge called “Raw is the New Black” – about getting comfortable with vulnerability, and how the sharing the unfiltered truth is often the most liberating thing you can do for yourself.

Then,  she created the Infinite Receiving movement, and I signed up immediately. The system and her philosophy supports women to shed the limiting beliefs and learned behaviours that keep us stuck and limit our capacity to receive.

Whether you seek abundance, blessings, money, job satisfaction, open communication, respect, hot sex, weight loss, health, travel… whatever it make be – Infinite Receiving supports you to get there.

I’ve seen miracles happen since being a part of this group – in other women, and in myself.

Depending on my desired focus in the past 10 months of participating – I’ve had my biggest month in terms of profits, I’ve received gifts of healing treatments, I’ve received the exact support system I needed for my physical and emotional wellness, and I was able to transform a “low” couple of months very quickly into one of abundance and ease. I’ve also applied the principles of Infinite Receiving to my personal life and intimate relationships and have seen growth beyond what I thought was possible at the beginning of next year.

Maru’s is hosting her first live event and it’s going to be incredible. It’s a place to come together— to receive infinite blessings, wisdom, clarity, support and connection. A hotwire to receiving. Infinite Receiving is a divinely inspired quantum philosophy that is as practical as it is soulful and it collapses the time required for peace, ease and joy to reign in your life. And it is FUELED by connection, intention and energy— so there are a few differences with this Event as compared to others. There are only 100 spots available to attend live (worth hundreds of dollars) but you are invited to Livestream the event for only $88!

I’ll be leading an hour-long keynote titled “Carry Less, BE MORE” about releasing the beliefs and stories that no longer serve you to expand your capacity to receive. I will be walking the participants through some of my top tools for identifying your big scary secret (unspoken fear that keeps you stuck), releasing resistance, and effectively “calling it in.” I will also be leading a guided meditation on getting touch with your inner child and healing her pain so that your increase your capacity to receive. Because, after all, you cannot receive what you do not believe you deserve! (this content I’m sharing talk alone is worth way more than $88!!)

There are top-notch speakers and I’m truly honoured to be sharing the stage with them.

Maru has extended this super special offer to our community and the recording of the entire event will be yours forever!!

You can read all about the event here.

You can sign up for the Live Stream until 8pm EST tonight!

Trust me – this will be an incredible experience for all involved. I look forward to sharing with you!!

To infinite receiving and beyond…