Do you find yourself crippled by doubt?

Doubt can creep in many ways.

It may show up as difficulty making a decision, choosing between two options, or purchasing something.

It may show up as a lack of belief in how deserving you are of having your desire fulfilled.

It may even show up as resistance or procrastination.

Underlying doubt that you are capable of something or worth something might throw up unconscious roadblocks and resistance.

You see, doubt likes to be right.

Doubt is attached to the fear-based mind which (to the best of its ability) is trying to keep you safe by keeping you the SAME.

The ego likes to prove itself right – so by creating unconscious resistance to change and setting you up to fail, your ego/fear-based doubt-driven mind can effectively say “See? I TOLD YOU SO. You can’t do this, you aren’t capable, you’re not worthy and you certainly don’t deserve it.”

I see this all the time.

A big part of my work as a coach is to gently shine the line into this shadow that doubt casts.

To create a safe and supportive environment so that my client can start peeling back the layers and understanding what this resistance is really about.

And also, to provide a ton of encouragement and FAITH that a different alternative is possible.

I was reminded of this on Monday while reading the many Martin Luther King Jr quotes floating around the internet in commemoration of the anniversary of his death.

One that really resonated with me and that I shared in our private Facebook community was this one:

“Faith is taking the first step when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

It takes a lot of faith, to give up alcohol or any other unhealthy relationship or dependency that has in many ways served us throughout our lives. It has brought us comfort and soothed pain. It has opened doors and granted permission.

Giving this up for a newer, more integrated, healthier, whole life when you don’t exactly know what that looks like yet (or if it’s even possible) requires a lot of FAITH.

So many people come to me knowing there is something better for them. However, not having lived this new reality yet – it can be so hard to believe and yes, have faith, that it is possible. That these tough changes, which include confronting some of your deepest, darkest fears about yourself, are worth it. It can be hard to know what life really looks and feels like when the crutch is taken away, the self-medication stops, the liquid courage is removed, the numbness replaced by clarity and presence.

That’s where I am come in – with my own life, with examples of other clients who’ve succeeded in overcoming doubt to make the changes they so desire.

As always, when a theme pops up and resonates with me and I know intuitively that it is what others need to hear at the same time, beautiful synchronicities happen (I call them confirmation that I’m on the right path) and this piece of writing came across my newsfeed yesterday.

“Faith is the “work” in “Light work”.

It scrubs and rinses and steadily erases doubt. Faith stays on doubt’s ass: I see you. I dissolve you. I replace you with Faith. And then doubt will pop up again. And Faith is right there: Yep, I heard you. I choose faith. Yep, I know the odds, I choose Faith. And because Faith knows the natural order of things, she says to doubt: You’ll probably be back later this week. And you might even distract me. But I’ll still choose Faith. No anger, just clarity. No complaints, just pure, fiery resolve.

Doubt isn’t a failing, it’s a reminder to feed and protect your positive beliefs.

Faith isn’t something you “have”, as much as it’s something you do. And if you do it consistently—the clearing, the focusing, the nourishing…the getting back on track, then you become the very Lightness you long for.”

When you start feeling doubt sinking its paralyzing tentacles into you – stop.

Take a few deeps breaths. If possible, take of your shoes and ground your feet.

Rather than giving it a downward, anxiety riddled spiral of thoughts, focus on the best possible outcome. Breathe life into that vision.

Call a friend or family member who you know can help lift you up again, who can give you a faith-booster.

Meditate or pray.

Diffuse an uplifting blend of essential oils (I love citrus such as wild sweet orange, lemon and grapefruit, rosemary, bergamot, and ylang ylang)

Light candles and incense – do what you can to invite in the Light.

Hold, wear or prominently display moonstone, amethyst or aquamarine crystals, which are said to help find and hold on to faith.

Is this sounding a little “woo woo” to you ? Well, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But think about the alternative – staying stuck and weighed down by doubt. If one or all of the techniques above can shift the energy and help you feed and protect your positive beliefs – then why not give it a try?

Edit – I realized, in another flash of insight and synchronicity regarding this topic, that many of you will be receiving this email on the day the new President is sworn into the United States. Now, more than ever, as the personal becomes political, this renewed sense of FAITH that something better is possible might be of critical importance to you.

How can you choose FAITH today ?

What can you do to protect your positive beliefs?

How can you nourish your desire and vision of a different reality for yourself, your community and the world?

What action can you take to support this vision?

I’d love to hear from you! Let me know what you are going to do – TODAY!!

Simply reply to this blog post – I love hearing from you.


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