I am not from the United States yet I always love an opportunity to share my gratitude. If you’ve read my book or worked with me, you know how important gratitude is for healing, transformation and making your dreams a reality. So let’s share our gratitudes, shall we?

Here are the top 8 things I am grateful for right now:

  1. I am grateful for supportive friends and family and to be surrounded by amazing community that spans several countries and indeed, stretches around the world

  2. I am grateful for the absolutely blessing bestowed on me in a little, energetic, inquisitive, funny bundle of joy called Luna Azul.

  3. I am grateful for my clients who trust me with their process

  4. I am grateful to everyone who contributed to making my book a reality, to everyone who bought my book, shared the news and wrote a review. If you haven’t yet – I will be forever grateful if you do so now! It is the perfect companion through the holiday season.

  5. I am grateful for warm water to swim in and sun to relax my body

  6. I am grateful for an abundance of nourishing, locally grown, organic food – year round!! It’s one of my favourite things about living where I do.

  7. I am grateful for my health and strong body

  8. I am grateful to have the freedom to follow my dreams and make manifest my heart’s desire. This is a privilege I do not take lightly – and I intend to use it better serve my community and the world.

Your turn!! What are you grateful for? Make sure to hit reply and let me know. If you want to take it one step further, try making a daily practice of writing down a minimum of three gratitudes every day for the next week.