Ok so I know I said I was going to be emailing at the end of the week – but I received an outpouring of comments after sending my email yesterday and re-sharing my recent article with MGB and realized – these resources are needed NOW, not later this week.

I must admit – the holiday season is a little different here in Mexico and doesn’t start quite as early. So while I started feeling the holiday-stress-squeeze this week – I realize that for quite a few in our community, this has been going on for weeks if not all month!

And let’s face it.

This time of year can be hard!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel that despite my best intentions, the stresses, anxieties and overwhelm sneak in.

I found myself being on edge this week, on the verge of tears or in tears, feeling waves of seemingly unexplained sadness wash over me.

I’ve also found myself undoing the after-effects of an old and familiar habit that snuck in this past 3-4 months. I said yes to way too much and found myself spread too thin.

Everything was GOOD, and interesting, and stimulating… I was working with amazing clients, putting my neuro-transformational certification skills into practice leading an online group coaching mastermind, joining my mentor’s team to support her in a massive launch, working on a consultancy for the non-profit I founded 11 years ago, hosting a retreat and a workshop, leading the fundraising team for my daughter’s community-run school and participating in the parent committee that governs the school, and on and on…

Then add to the mix PARENTING a very determined and independent 4-year-old. I’ve found this stage of parenting to be one of the most challenging and isolating. It’s when I’ve really missed having a teammate/co-parent and that fact that Luna’s dad has been away a lot for work has led me to feeling even more alone and for long stretches without breaks. I’ve found myself questioning myself a lot. Wondering if I’m doing it “right.” Worried that I’m somehow messing up my child.

This why I’m giving myself permission to embrace “Say yes to LESS” as a mantra for the end of this year and heading into 2019.

What this means is practicing mindfulness, taking my time with decisions, and being really intentional about how I want to be feeling on a daily basis.

It’s about honouring myself by prioritizing self-care and releasing any shame around needing to take care of my mental health.

It’s about choosing nourishment over numbing, as overwork and perfectionism are also some of my numbing behaviours. (If you missed my recent article on this, here it is).

It’s about trying to release and ease up on the enormous amount of pressure I put on myself (I’m a work-in-progress on this one, so if you have any tips I’d love to hear them).

And now, fully embracing my “say yes to less” mantra – I’m not going to write a NEW holiday blog post. I’ve written some great ones in the past, and even if you’ve read them before, they are worth revisiting! I’ve been rereading them and getting a lot out of the tips and reminders.

So here they are – my holiday hit list!!

7 tips for handling holiday stress (without turning to alcohol)

How to thrive through any holiday

Releasing the ghosts of Christmas past (this is really important if you feel plagued by regrets, sadness or shame regarding the past

How to avoid a two-week hangover this holiday season

How to deal with a family member’s unhealthy drinking

As you read through these, you might notice some repetition… and that’s a good thing!! Not of these are ‘magic wand’ solutions – they take practice, ESPECIALLY during a time of year when we might be feeling extra triggered.

I look forward to hearing from you about which one of these holiday tips were most helpful for you.

I’ll be back next week to talk about how to set powerful New Year’s intentions, and I’ll be revealing my focus for 2019 (which became crystal clear to me as I was standing at the sink washing dishes this morning).

Until then, sending you massive love and respect for SHOWING UP.

It’s not easy, but you are here, doing the best you can do and I’m proud of you!