It felts like forever since I’ve written, and it kinda has been. The past few weeks/months have been a full and mostly amazing whirlwind of family visits, receiving clients to Mexico in-person retreats and workshops, our beta online neuro-transformational mastermind redefining sobriety immersion and my private clients, and then an incredible invite-only biz mastermind in Tulum … with lots of school events and meetings thrown into the mix! I’m sure there are things that I’m forgetting but as I said, whirlwind.

So much so that my mantra heading into the new year is “say less to less.” Later this week I will be sharing more on that, and also more on how to set powerful intentions for the new year, but I really wanted to pop into your inbox and share this article that came out on mindbodygreen a couple of weeks ago.

It’s all about the fine line between what nourishes us and numbs us, and how to practice mindfulness to stay on the nourishing side of things. I can say that with way too much on my plate these past few months (even if it was all mostly good stuff), I’ve been noticing to urge to numb come on a little stronger, and have been applying the tips I outline in the article. 

I’ve received some great feedback on social media and would love you hear your thoughts too! I believe this is perfect timing as we head into the holidays and this time of year which can add extra stress.

Of course, if you know someone who would benefit from this perspective, please share the article with them!

As I mentioned earlier, stay tuned for more holiday-related content coming to you later this week as well as some exciting opportunities for the new year!!