It can be even scarier to join a group of women that you don’t know but are joining together because you’ve all struggled with alcohol.

As one new participant just wrote to me “Although somewhat fearful, I look forward to the 6 week program!!”

I get it, I really do.

I also know that it can be scary to spend money on something like this.

There certainly are other options available to you. You can stick with the free, DIY, piece-it-together approach. There’s a lot of great info out there and a lot of not-so-great info out there.

You can go to AA meetings or other 12 step meetings or moderation management and download resources online. You can try different options and sift through what you find online and see what resonates.

On the other hand, there’s private therapy, coaching, and treatment centres that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. You can also sift those options and see what’s a good fit.

Whatever you decide, I encourage you to DO SOMETHING if you are serious about making changes this year.

TAKE ACTION – that’s how you are finally going to break the cycle and truly show up for yourself.

I’ve seen time and time again within this community the relationship between the willingness to invest in oneself (that can be a financial investment or an investment of time or of being of service and often a combination of all three) and the ability to be substantive changes.

You may also want to ask yourself “what’s it going to cost you NOT to make these changes??”

At this point, you know better than anyone whether you are ready. You know if you’re wiling to invest in your health and happiness.

You may just be wondering if this Masterclass is the right fit for you.

I thought it might be helpful to get to know some of the other women in the program – to see what kinds of women are saying YES to themselves and each other.

  • There’s the 30-something year old expat living overseas, who realized her drinking was getting out of control and every occasion was an occasion to drink. While she’s managed to create limits for her drinking while out socially, she still struggles with moderation at home.

  • The woman who is turning 60 this year and wants to gift herself a powerful and transformative change for this important milestone. She’s been able stop drinking alone, yet finds that in social situations her anxiety or excitement sometimes gets the best of her and she ends up drinking more than she’d like.

  • The woman who travels a lot for work and would like to redefine her relationship to alcohol. It feels like a treat and not a “must have” each day. She’s like to get to a place where she feels comfortable to “pass” even (or maybe especially) when it’s offered for free (such as when it’s offered on first class flights)

  • The mother of 3 who has tried AA and doesn’t believe that “all or nothing” is right for her. She wants to be able to enjoy a glass of wine over dinner with friends AND no longer wants to allow it to drag her down. Her goal is to create a life so fulfilling that alcohol feels like an afterthought.

  • The 60+ year old retired school teacher who noticed that drinking was becoming her hobby and she’d become a bored habitual drinker. She envisions becoming physically and mentally stronger, knowing that SHE is the one who gets to choose and take control of her life, and welcome all kinds of new adventures experiences.

Do you see yourself in any of these women?

While their life experiences and visions for themselves might differ slightly, ALL are committed to taking action and coming together to learn, grow, challenge themselves and support one another.

It’s beautiful and I am beyond excited to support these women.

It’s not too late to click here to apply and join this year’s Masterclass, today!!  

We’ve added 1-1 coaching calls with me at the beginning and end of the program and as soon as your registered, we can schedule the first one. There will be a new private Facebook group for members where I will be active doing lifestreams in addition to the weekly live Q&A calls. My amazing assistant Maylene will be contributing TONS of individualized support as well – she’s a gifted seer and intuitive healer and has to much to share in self-development. We’ve added more new content to the 6 modules, and have a month of support added after to see you through the holidays and into the new year.

What an incredible gift to yourself!

As always, feel free to email me directly with any questions you have.