I’m not sure if you know this about me already,  but I’m like a sponge for self-development.

I love it, I’m hooked on it, and I also see it as professional development. Bonus! This means that whenever I invest in another course (which is pretty much all the time because I’m always learning) I’m also investing in my business, and my clients and community also get to reap the benefits.

I’m currently taking a course called Infinite Receiving. The title is pretty self-explanatory… it’s all about expanding our capacity to receive. We have daily dares and a few days ago, the dare was to use this reframe: Instead of downplaying all of the great things you do in a day, claim them and end the sentence with the words: NAILED IT.

This seems to simple but it’s so powerful. I see women downplaying their accomplishments way too often. Or, finding the one little thing to criticise about something that is otherwise awesome.

Three times this past week, I opened up emails from three different clients that had the subject line using the word FAIL in it. WHAT!?! The body of the message included many great changes and different choices they had made, yet it was what they did wrong that they were focusing on.

I caught myself doing the same thing yesterday when I watched the sneak preview of a video I’m in to promote the upcoming launch of my business mentor’s course (more on that soon). Instead of praising myself for the wise words I shared, for my poise on camera, for how great my hair looked, for showing my energy and personality on camera… I immediately started thinking about how annoying my voice sounded. (Not what I was saying… just the actual sound of my voice) WHAT!?!?

Thankfully I had accepted this dare a few days before and I immediately switched how I was talking to myself about it. That on-camera interview: NAILED IT!!

I shared this with our Facebook group and there was a really great response.

One person shifted their perspective from “I haven’t reached my weight loss goal yet” to “I’ve lost 9 pounds already, nailed it!”

Another shared “I’ve worked through 2.5 hours of emails I’ve been putting off, now I have relaxing ME time planned – nailed it!!”

And another “Instead of focusing on the things I’m not doing great yet, I’m choosing to focus on all of the healthy choices I HAVE made recently – nailed it!”

Isn’t it fun? Don’t you feel better just reading these? I sure did. And if you are feeling overwhelmed and in a stuck place and not sure what you are nailing… if anything? (I know this can be tricky, similarly to how finding things to be grateful can be hard when you are feeling really down on yourself.)

Try this:
Got out of bed this morning – nailed it.
Read this email (which is a form of taking action on my health) – nailed it.
Thinking about change, which means acknowledging some uncomfortable truths about myself – nailed it.
Making myself a cup of tea instead of pouring a second glass of wine – nailed it.
Stocking up on healthy alternatives – nailed it.

So tell me, what have you nailed this week?