I’m feeling pretty fabulous since finding out that a post I wrote a few weeks ago got picked up and share by over 600 media outlets!!

Let me back up little and explain.

The week before leaving Mexico to travel to Canada and then to California was JLo’s birthday (July 24th to be exact). She turned 49. There was some press about how fabulous she looks at her age and some references to the fact that she chooses not to drink as part of her health and lifestyle focus.

The “JLo Method” is something that I share with my clients who are able to moderate and have moderate alcohol use as one of their goals. I also happened to receive a testimonial from a client the day after JLo’s birthday, and I decided to write about it. It got turned into an article, a press release, and circulated super widely. (if you’d like to see the original article let me know 🙂

As you might remember from last week’s email, I was in a social media/email blackout after my dad’s accident and then the training I was participating in, and so I returned back to Canada to a flooded inbox and didn’t realize at first the coverage this had received! (A friend of mine actually sent me this screenshot)

Now that I’ve seen the incredible response, I decided to record a video about the JLo Method to share with you. You can watch it here.

I also wanted to let you know that I’ve started a YouTube “classroom” and this is actually the second video I’ve released recently (the first is the basics of Redefining Sobriety, who it is for, why this method, etc).

Make sure to subscribe to the channel if you want to receive the videos as they are released (my goal is approximately once a week). I’m also planning a series called “Redefining Everything,” where I will invite guests to talk about everything from intimacy, masculinity, relationships, health, etc. I’m so excited to share this content with you!

I’ve opened up some more times in my calendar for connection calls – please reach out if you haven’t already! I have a couple of spots available for private coaching, an incredible small group/mastermind experience and more to share!