You’re driving along a country road in the morning. Sun shining and enhancing the vibrant greens and brilliant blues around you.

Laughing with the love of your life, your hand on their leg as you drive into day 1 of a month-long road trip that feels in a way like the beginning of the rest of your lives together.

You’ve committed, you’re going all in, you finally know you’re ready to give this adventure of growing old together a shot.

Then, crash.

Everything you thought you knew changes in an instant.

This is exactly what happened to my father a little over a week ago.

In his words, “One moment, we were high on life and in love, the next minute- then… boom.”

A car ran a stop sign, plowing straight into the driver’s side of my dad’s car. His girlfriend, who was behind the wheel, died in the crash.

As I stroked my father’s hair and the drops of our tears bled together into rivers down the hospital blue sheets… I felt simultaneous overwhelming gratitude for his life and grief for his loss.

I was reminded, as we usually are when tragedy strikes the ones we love the most, of how fleeting life can be, that there are no guarantees. To make every moment count.

I’ve read these memes and Hallmark cards, and I know you have too.

Yet, I’m going to ask you a hard question << Test First Name >>, do you really do this?

Do you really make every moment count?

I know I don’t.

I still get stuck in fear.

I allow old stories and pain to continue to define me.

I hold on to resentments.

I let my ego stop me from playing full out.

What was incredible about the timing of this accident is that I left the hospital to travel to Irvine, California to get my certification in neuro-transformational coaching.

I entered a five-day long vortex, where we agreed on Day 1 not to check our phones, to “stay in the room” (as much as we were triggered and wanted to run), to show up and play full out.

The days were long. (a “short” day was 10 hours, our longest was 17 hours long).

We confronted our deepest fears, released old stories, asked the question “what wouldlove do?”

In doing so, we forgave abusers, the parents and siblings who had abandoned us, we forgave ourselves for years of self-publishment and judgment, we healed years of trauma. We shed layers and layers of guilt, regret, shame, and pain. We held space for each other to cry, scream, wail, release.

We opened ourselves up to each other’s unconditional love.

It was powerful and life-changing.

It was the desire of that hallmark card sentiment put into action.

Here’s my invitation to you, << Test First Name >>.

I learned so many tools for transformation in the past week.

I also received a powerful reality check to live each moment fully, because it could be mine or someone else’s last.

I am committed to continuing to play full out – are you?


I am inviting you to join me and 2 others (I’m taking 3 people max) for a neuro-transformational mastermind.

I will guide you through the processes for healing, shedding, releasing, and reframing that I learned this past week.

You will emerge a different person, just as myself and 22 others did this past week.

The focus? Finally letting go of that thing that’s keeping you stuck, repeating similar patterns.

I’ll give you an example from my own life. Over the years, I’ve redefined my relationship to alcohol, I’ve stopped abusing drugs and my body, I’ve released my need for perfection and overwork as a distraction, I’ve started to understand co-dependency and how I use other people to keep me from myself and my own pain.

The story that underlines it all? That I am damaged and unloveable.

I “intellectually” knew this, yet my body still held ferociously to the story.

As long as I believed this to be true, I could do the hurting/the leaving/the self-sabotaging before someone else had the chance to. I picked partners who criticized me and didn’t love the whole me. I also realized this week that I have never really shown the whole me to anyone… therefore continually reinforcing the story to myself, that no one could love the whole me (including the damaged parts).

Don’t know what your “thing” is? It’s okay, we’ll help you figure it out.


To be honest, I haven’t thought through the exact format yet, though we will likely be meeting on Zoom every two weeks for the next 3-6 months, and will have a WhatsApp group for intra-session communication.


What I know for sure is that this powerful work is alive in my cells and at the forefront of my consciousness.

What I know for sure is that I personally don’t want to waste any more time stuck in fear and attached to old stories.

What I know for sure is that I don’t want to die before I have fully loved and been loved wholly.


If this interests you, send me a message asap and tell me WHY. Remember, I’m only inviting 3 people into this beta mastermind and I want to start as soon as possible, the momentum I’m feeling is REAL, and it’s a disservice to myself and the people who join to wait too long.

If you want to deep dive but the thought of doing it in a group turns you off, I’ve got a few spots available for private coaching, and I can take you through the same processes. Send me a message and let me know why you’re ready to go all in with me 1-1.

Let’s commit to making every moment count, shall we?