Hello beautiful!

I thought you might enjoy this 26-minute video interview I did with Monica Aparicio, the Founder of the Lifestyle Lounge and upcoming Sustainable Success event that I will be speaking at in NYC.

Monica and I met when I attended a networking event the last time I was in New York. A self-professed former party-girl, Monica immediately “got” the message of my book. She opened up about how coordinating happy-hour styled wellness events was her way of satisfying her outgoing nature while still making healthier choices for herself. We immediately knew that we have been meant to meet and collaborate and I am so thrilled about both this conversation AND the fact that I will be featured as a panelist at her upcoming event in NYC.

I loved this interview because we were able to get to a theme that goes deeper then the strategies and tips around drinking less. We were able to talk about what happens when you dramatically redefine your relationship to alcohol… you make more of yourself available! More intuition, more inner knowing, more inspiration, more feelings, more presence for yourself and those around you.

You live more LIFE … undiluted. I’d love to hear what you think about this video and how have you noticed the “more of you” theme in your life. Or, if you are not quite there yet – which parts of yourself do you desire to have more access to once you are able to redefine your relationship to alcohol?

If you’d like to know more about the event in New York or know someone who would love to go, all of the information is here.