Hey – it’s juicy Tuesday !!

(Funny story, I used to claim the day as “Trashy Tuesdays” because when I went out to party on Tuesdays it showed how “hard-core” I was and somehow owning my trashiness was like a of badge of honour… or maybe a defence mechanism? But that’s a story for another day 😉

I am so thrilled to share my latest podcast interview with the ladies from Badass and Bare.

I met Katie Corcoran after semi-stalking her Instagram (she’s also grad of the same health coaching program I attended) and we became fast friends. So much so that she invited me to stay her place in Brooklyn even though we’d never met in person! I then met Andrea Hood, the co-creator and co-host of Badass & Bare while she was attending one of the same events I was attending in NYC, and we all bonded. (FYI – their podcast was listed as “New and Noteworthy” by iTunes shortly after launching!)

One, two skip and few and here we are with this amazing episode!


We had an amazing conversation that spans the following topics:

  • The distinction between habitual use with alcohol vs. addiction

  • How to re-define your relationship with alcohol

  • TIPS for delicious (& easy!) alternatives for alcohol (even when you’re out on the town!)

  • How you can still be a PARTY GIRL without the booze

  • Why SELF-CARE is key for having a healthy relationship with alcohol

  • How-to change your PREGAME when getting ready to go out

I’m looking forward to hearing your top takeaways from this episode. Let the ladies at B&B what you think of the episode -they’ll appreciate the comments and ratings! And finally, please share this with other badasses in your life who would love this convo.