Happy Wednesday !!

I’m in your inbox a couple of days early because I couldn’t wait to share these two goodies that went live today. The first is a podcast interview with my friend Tina Bangel, who is a vocal coach from Australia. I LOVED this interview because we delved into the really interesting terrain of creativity and alcohol.


Here is what we talk about:

  • What are strategies that creative people can tap into their “zone” without having to turn to alcohol?

  • How to deal with friends or letting go of people that don’t serve your purpose in life, what would you say to someone who is afraid to let go of what they know and who they know?

  • Dialog that people can use at the work place or events so they can feel comfortable in situations where they are encouraged to drink?

  • There are people who use alcohol to unwind after work or a gig, what I suggest for people to do when they have the urge to use alcohol.

  • What is the song that changed my life and why?

Be sure to check it out here.

The second resource I want to share with you is my most recent article on Mind Body Green. In this article, I offer my best tips for thriving without/with less alcohol when you are in triggering situations or out of your normal routine. This article is particularly helpful if you have a trip coming up or travel regularly for work, however the tips can be useful any time. As always, please share the article with anyone who might benefit from this article, and on social media! And, I’d love to hear which tip you are going to try or if there are others that you have used with success (I’m always happy to learn new tricks)! Hit reply and let me know 🙂