I’ve been have asked about the retreat that was planned for this weekend and I realized that I hadn’t yet publicly communicated the difficult decision my team and I recently made to put it on hold.

I even went to the venue last month and it was so incredible. I could visualize us there: the space was perfect, the beaches pristine, the sunsets stunning.

It was hard for me to let go of the plan. It was hard for me to accept that eventually I would have to write this update to you, going back on my word.

And yet, I was feeling HUGE resistance. It wasn’t flowing.

I wasn’t following up with those who were interested. Others who had expressed interest suddenly couldn’t attend for whatever reason. I wasn’t promoting the event as much as I needed to to fill the extra spots that had suddenly opened.

I needed to listen to the advice I was given by Lisa Nichols last month.

“A healthy no is as important a half-assed yes.”

Or, as another coach friend of mine says, “If it’s not a HELL YES, then it’s a HELL NO.”

I have no doubt in my mind that this retreat in Canada will happen… now is not the right time.

I had to LEAN IN and understand what the resistance was about. Instead of beating myself up about it and forcing through, I learned from it.

As Danielle LaPorte writes:

“Resistance heightens your senses… But if you can embrace the resistance and use it to stay sharp, then you can bypass the swamp of self sabotage. Resistance = good. Self sabotage = bad, very bad.”

Instead of beating yourself for facing resistance, for things not working out exactly as you think they “should,” for procrastinating or feeling blocked or not flowing… ask yourself: “What is this really about?”

If it’s not flowing right NOW, it doesn’t mean it will NEVER. It might just mean not right now. Or, not like this.

By saying “not right now” to this month’s retreat, I was able to:

  • Focus on nurturing our Facebook community and prepping for Supercharge September… which also felt very aligned with my own need for self-care

  • Expanding and onboarding new members of the Drink Less Be More staff team

  • Redirect “retreat planning energy” towards co-creating a retreat planned for March 2017 in Mexico with a dear friend and colleague who lives in my hometown (more details coming very soon!)

  • Enjoy quality time with my Canadian family and friends before heading back to Mexico and spend more time with my daughter, who is in a challenging stage of her development

  • Better prepare and have more energy for attending a conference with 100 other empowered online entrepreneurs

  • Take days  off over the weekend and early this week when I needed to prioritize my health

Sometimes, success comes from taking the counter-intuitive step to DO LESS instead of more.

How can you simplify your way to success? What might your resistance be telling you?

What can you say no to in order to create more expansiveness?