I have nothing new to say to you today, one week into the New Year.

My intuition is telling me that you need more time to integrate the idea of intentions into your vision for the next year.

In fact, I considered copying and pasting last week’s email again because everything I wrote is as relevant for this week as it was last week.

If you haven’t read last week’s blog on Resolutions vs Intentions – do so here.

If you’ve read last week’s blog but haven’t taken the time to create your vision and intentions for 2017, make sure to schedule time this weekend to do so!!

As part of the ceremony I did with my mother and partner on New Year’s Eve, we wrote our vision for the upcoming year, our intentions based in how we wanted to feel (each sentence started with “I am happy and grateful that…” more on this in last week’s blog) AND we each wrote down 1-3 potential barriers or blocks to realizing our vision. These could be either internal or external factors that we felt that needed to release in order for our desires to be fulfilled. Then we said a prayer and burned our lists. (fyi, we did this together but separately. I didn’t see what others had written and they didn’t see mine. However, it felt powerful to hold space for each other’s visions and intentions).

If you are still feeling resentful towards anything that happened 2016 or holding a grudge… considered a “bless and release ceremony” to let go of any lingering weight you might be carrying.

Here is the link of a blog I wrote a couple of years ago on how to bless and release (or forgive and let go.) This is powerful to any time (and as many times as you feel you need to) however now, at the start of the New Year, it can give you the feeling of lightness and a less burdened state.

Here are a few tips that will help “call it in” for the next year

Prioritize time, starting now

These things won’t magically start happening. Scheduling time to write, journal, dream, practice gratitude and take daily action towards your dreams is paramount.

Focus on the WHY, not the HOW

Keep reviewing your intentions, imagining how you will feel when you dreams are realized. Get clear on WHY this is important to you. The HOW will keep you stuck in what you already know and cuts you off from brand new possibilities or paths you may not have imagined yet.

Take one step, do it now

Pick one action for this week and start doing it. Next week, add another. Keep doing this. Keep taking action!! Many of my clients are deciding to follow a program like The Whole 30, or doTerra Detox, or committing to a certain number of days alcohol free. For others, it’s about incorporating more consistent self-care into daily routines. The most important is for you to decide something you are going to do differently, and do it.

If something stops feeling good, try something new that still fits with your intention. Questions about this? Ask me!!

Thank you, and MORE PLEASE

Stop looking for confirmation that things are harder for you. Start noticing everything that goes RIGHT. Notice, and appreciate. You received an unexpected discount? Thank you and MORE PLEASE. Traffic was lighter than expected and you arrived somewhere early? Thank you and MORE PLEASE. Your partner remembered to do something you’d given up nagging about. THANK YOU AND MORE PLEASE!!!

Gratitude, and more gratitude

I really can’t emphasize this enough. As one community member mentioned today, “I truly believe that we manifest good things when we are grateful for everything. Every experience, sometimes even the ones that seem bad are a new opportunity to learn. Focusing on the positive has helped with big changes going on in my life and it feels like the universe is conspiring to help.”

This is coming from somehow who hit a very deep bottom a couple of years ago and was quite despairing that any good would come of her life.

Celebrate your successes

In addition to “releasing 2017” and practicing gratitude, why don’t you celebrate your successes while you are at it! It is so easy to be hard on yourself and frustrated about what you didn’t accomplish. Go ahead and make a big long list of EVERYTHING you have to celebrate in the past year as a means of honouring just how far you’ve truly come. (As I type this I am inspired to write mine – this past year was hard for me and I’ve been quite critical of myself. For accountability, I will post it on social media tomorrow!!)

As one of my favourite coaches and author of the Wild Soul Movement Elizabeth DiAlto recently posted on Facebook: “Please, please, please as you make your 2017 plans and projections and map out your goals, take a moment too, to measure backwards and honor your unique milestones, life’s sweet affirmations whispering in your ear, “You can do this. You ARE doing it. Keep going and don’t underestimate yourself.”

You’re on trend (ahead, even!)

If it feels like you are going against the grain within your inner circle, family or community, remember that you aren’t alone. There has been a proliferation of articles recently on the benefits of cutting back or eliminating alcohol, and drinking less was named as one of the health trends of 2017 by Mind Body Green. Many are choosing to redefine their relationship to alcohol and not only those who have a severe problem or consider themselves alcoholic.

If it feels like you are the only one you know wanting to make these changes, you are warmly invited to join our “secret society” aka Facebook group that has more than 100 women who are some of the most caring and supportive people I know. Simply reply to this email and let me know that you want to join. If you use a different email for Facebook, let me know in your reply, and I will send the invite to that email.