Twice in one day, I know, this pretty much NEVER happens. But I had to share. After one of “those weeks” last week (in a challenging way) – I had one of “those days” today – in the best way possible. The reality is that many of my days are like today – but sometimes I forget to take my own advice and slow down and celebrate just how wonderful it all is.

I had several incredible calls with clients and community members, including 1-1 sessions, “ask me anything” Q&As and even a card reading by one of my clients! I listened to an incredibly inspiring webinar led by a friend of mine, and got excited about the Anti-Aging Online Summit that I was invited to participate in (I’m speaking this Thursday, so tune in!) I received and read dozens of emails and incredible messages and added new members to the Facebook community support group.

The feeling of gratitude is so immense and profound that I had to share.

I am so grateful that I received a calling to do this work. (It came to me as a vision just over three years ago, while walking down the beach in front of my mom’s house in Canada. I first knew I needed to write a book – I didn’t realize at the time that it would turn into this incredible coaching practice and community.)

I’m so grateful that you answered this calling… because I do believe that you have if you are reading this. You are ready to challenge the status quo, go against the cultural grain, and create a new reality for yourself.

I’m so grateful to this growing community of women (and a few very special men) who are committed to clarity, to growth and expansion, to going deep even when the going gets tough (sometimes especially) and to finding those new wings with which to soar.

I’m so grateful to ALL of my clients, past and present, who have trusted me with their stories, hopes, challenges, and triumphs. It truly is an honour and a privilege to work with you.

I’m grateful you’re here.

With love and solidarity and many blessing for the week ahead.