Today’s topic is simple. Pick one thing, and then DO IT.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

It’s easy to get lost in all of the “shoulds” and the enormity of the big picture vision that we forget just how simple and more easily digestible change can be when broken down into bite size pieces.

Think of your vision for yourself? If you could change just one thing this month, what would it be?

Now break it down further: what is one thing you can do differently, starting today, that will nudge you in that direction?

Don’t get carried away!! Just think of one little thing. Doing this little thing will confirm to you that you can do things differently. You’ll receive positive reinforcement and feel emboldened to take the next step.

So, what’s your thing going to be?

I actually started mine two nights ago. I realized that I was feeling overwhelmed and putting a lot of pressure on myself. My goal this month is to ease up (again) and TRUST that the outcome will be what I desire. I also realized that I had let my evening ritual slide and was scrolling Instagram immediately before bed rather than using this time for affirming my intentions, desires, and positive visualizations.

My one thing was to delete Instagram from my phone.

Just kidding! I didn’t do that. In fact, I still scroll a bit before sleep as I find it therapeutic and inspiring, haha.

What I’m doing differently is putting my phone away earlier (after my Insta-fix) and then spending 5-10 minutes journaling my desires, affirmations and intentions.

Then, filled up with all this good juju, I lay in bed and visualize it all coming to fruition. Sometimes I put on Chakra balancing meditation music or deep sleep delta wave music to help transition me into sleep.

The past two days I’ve woken up feeling calmer, with more faith, focus, and things are flowing more effortlessly.

You might chose to do something differently with your morning routine, drink one less drink a night this weekend or try an alcohol-free night, or try a new meditation or activity that will shake up your regular routine.

Just pick something, and do it! I promise you will feel better come Monday.

As always, I love to hear from you. Comment below and let me know what your “one thing” is – that would be wonderful!