As you know, I’m supposed to be off the grid on a camping trip.

Well, I still am (I have no cell reception at my campsite, it’s the best) but I was too excited to leave this for another few days.

So I escaped into civilizations (aka a cute coffeeshop called Rhino in downtown Tofino) to send this email. Last week I had a super juicy conversation with James Swanwick, all about the benefits of dating without alcohol. And while you know I’m the Queen of Moderation, I do think there’s a lot of be said for first dates without alcohol.


Well, your BS detector will be more tuned in, you’ll be able to connect with your intuition and decide more quickly it he or she is a HELL YEAH (cause if it’s a hell no, or even a “so so” … do you really want things to go farther?)

You also can judge a lot about a person’s character when you decide not to have a drink on a first date.

Do they pressure you to have one? Do they respect your choice?

While you may not be deciding to live completely alcohol-free, it’s great to have someone in your life who is supportive of your health and wellness from the get-go.

And then there’s sex… some might say that sober sex is the best sex (what do you think?). A couple of drinks can help lower inhibitions, but any more than that actually restricts blood flow to the exact parts of you body you want to be feeling more and well, you probably know what that means. I’m going to go deeper into this topic in an upcoming blog, but I wanted to give you a chance to listen to this podcast and weigh in.

Let me know your thoughts! I look forward to reading them and answering any questions you have in my next blog on this topic.