Happy Monday !!

I have a question for you.

It might be one that you don’t want to answer, but it’s an important one nonetheless.

Do you ever wonder how healthy your brain is?
Or what damaged may have been caused by all of the drinking?

I know this what something that weighed heavily on me for years. All the blackouts, missed memories, brain cells flushed down the drain… it used to cause me a lot of stress and anxiety thinking about how much I may have messed up my brain.

Now, I’ve worked hard over the years to literally chance my mindset AND my mental health. A big part of that is getting informed and learning what I can do to improve my mental health – by what I eat, how well I sleep, what kind of thoughts I have, and more.

Taking action helps me feel empowered that I can control my current mental wellness and even reverse the effects of previous damage.

That’s why I’m absolutely thrilled to be joining 30 other expects in brain performance and health for the first ever Female Brain Summit. The online event is completely free for you and packed with amazing info. The event starts today and interviews will be rolling out between now and the 10th. You don’t want to miss this valuable content!

I also wanted to let you know about an amazing conversation I had with my friend Christine Hansen, who is the creator of “Sleep like a Boss” podcast.

I share a lot that I haven’t shared on a podcast before, like how I was dependent on sleeping pills and using some in same dangerous combination as Heath Ledger when he died, how I used to brag about how little I slept (and why I find that totally unattractive now), and how it takes a lot of faith to create your “new normal.”

This is also a topic that totally relates to your brain health – so why don’t you start October with a bang and focus on your brain!! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the summit and the podcast.