This Woman (And Her Gifts) Changed My Life

Dear reader,

Have you ever had one of those “pinch me” moments - when you realize just how far you’ve come in a short amount of time?

I had one last week, when I was about to take the stage at an event called Practical Magic Live, in San Antonio Texas.

I was transported back in time to exactly a year prior, when I had the opportunity to share my story on a media panel at an event organized by Selena Soo in New York City. It was the first time I had shared my story out loud.

Sure, I’d been writing my blog consistently and had recently published my book, but to get up on stage and speak the truth of my experiences was a whole other level of vulnerability.

It was such a scary thought that I might not have said yes to the opportunity if I hadn’t already known and trusted Selena so deeply.

Selena is my publicity mentor. But she is also so much more than that. She constantly inspires me as an entrepreneur, business strategist and most importantly, as an incredibly kind, intuitive, generous and compassionate person.

The growth I have experienced as a result of her programs and learning from way she lives her life and handles her business has completely transformed my life.

That’s what hit me last week as I confidently took the stage to share my story as an invited featured speaker.

This week, Selena released a series of value-packed FREE resources, including a case study of yours truly!!

With her guidance, I was able to turn an initial “no” to my pitch to FORBES into a YES - which was another incredibly publicity win for me last year. You can read the entire interaction here. 

Selena’s been endorsed by industry leaders like Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte. Early into her business, Ramit Sethi gave her a big guest post opportunity, which has led to over $100,000 in new business.

You might be thinking, “That could never happen to me!” I hear you! - and I used to feel the same way!!

But what you might not know about Selena is that she struggled when she first got started.

As an introvert, she was afraid to put herself out there. She also didn't have any clients or traditional credibility.

If you’re curious, I invite you to check out her special training...

"Get VIP Access to Media, Influencers, and Online Stars."

You’ll learn how to connect and become friends with “out of reach” people, who can give you the publicity opportunities of a lifetime.

You’ll also learn how to get highly coveted endorsements, positioning you as a leader in your industry.

 I've been watching this free video and taking a TON of notes. Whether or not you are a business owner or entrepreneur, there’s a ton of gold in here about how to relate to those people who you aspire to connect with but seem out of reach.

I encourage you to dive into these free resources while she has them available and look forward to hearing your favourite takeaways in the comments below!!!

Have an amazing weekend!


Are you ready to receive (infinitely)?

Happy Thursday!

I'm popping in a day early to share a super special invitation with you.

I arrived last night to Fort Worth, Texas there I will be participating in and speaking at an event called Infinite Receiving.

I met Maru Iabichela, the creator, at an event in NYC almost a year ago. It was the first time I shared my story onstage in front of hundreds of people. We connected in multiple ways and became fast friends.

Shortly after, I participated in her online challenge called "Raw is the New Black" - about getting comfortable with vulnerability, and how the sharing the unfiltered truth is often the most liberating thing you can do for yourself.

Then,  she created the Infinite Receiving movement, and I signed up immediately. The system and her philosophy supports women to shed the limiting beliefs and learned behaviours that keep us stuck and limit our capacity to receive.

Whether you seek abundance, blessings, money, job satisfaction, open communication, respect, hot sex, weight loss, health, travel... whatever it make be - Infinite Receiving supports you to get there.

I've seen miracles happen since being a part of this group - in other women, and in myself.

Depending on my desired focus in the past 10 months of participating - I've had my biggest month in terms of profits, I've received gifts of healing treatments, I've received the exact support system I needed for my physical and emotional wellness, and I was able to transform a "low" couple of months very quickly into one of abundance and ease. I've also applied the principles of Infinite Receiving to my personal life and intimate relationships and have seen growth beyond what I thought was possible at the beginning of next year.

Maru's is hosting her first live event and it's going to be incredible. It's a place to come together— to receive infinite blessings, wisdom, clarity, support and connection. A hotwire to receiving. Infinite Receiving is a divinely inspired quantum philosophy that is as practical as it is soulful and it collapses the time required for peace, ease and joy to reign in your life. And it is FUELED by connection, intention and energy— so there are a few differences with this Event as compared to others. There are only 100 spots available to attend live (worth hundreds of dollars) but you are invited to Livestream the event for only $88!

I'll be leading an hour-long keynote titled "Carry Less, BE MORE" about releasing the beliefs and stories that no longer serve you to expand your capacity to receive. I will be walking the participants through some of my top tools for identifying your big scary secret (unspoken fear that keeps you stuck), releasing resistance, and effectively "calling it in." I will also be leading a guided meditation on getting touch with your inner child and healing her pain so that your increase your capacity to receive. Because, after all, you cannot receive what you do not believe you deserve! (this content I'm sharing talk alone is worth way more than $88!!)

There are top-notch speakers and I'm truly honoured to be sharing the stage with them.

Maru has extended this super special offer to our community and the recording of the entire event will be yours forever!!

You can read all about the event here.

You can sign up for the Live Stream until 8pm EST tonight!

Trust me - this will be an incredible experience for all involved. I look forward to sharing with you!!

To infinite receiving and beyond...


The Antidote To Doubt

Do you find yourself crippled by doubt?

Doubt can creep in many ways.

It may show up as difficulty making a decision, choosing between two options, or purchasing something.

It may show up as a lack of belief in how deserving you are of having your desire fulfilled.

It may even show up as resistance or procrastination.

Underlying doubt that you are capable of something or worth something might throw up unconscious roadblocks and resistance.

You see, doubt likes to be right.

Doubt is attached to the fear-based mind which (to the best of its ability) is trying to keep you safe by keeping you the SAME.

The ego likes to prove itself right - so by creating unconscious resistance to change and setting you up to fail, your ego/fear-based doubt-driven mind can effectively say “See? I TOLD YOU SO. You can’t do this, you aren’t capable, you’re not worthy and you certainly don’t deserve it.”

I see this all the time.

A big part of my work as a coach is to gently shine the line into this shadow that doubt casts.

To create a safe and supportive environment so that my client can start peeling back the layers and understanding what this resistance is really about.

And also, to provide a ton of encouragement and FAITH that a different alternative is possible.

I was reminded of this on Monday while reading the many Martin Luther King Jr quotes floating around the internet in commemoration of the anniversary of his death.

One that really resonated with me and that I shared in our private Facebook community was this one:

“Faith is taking the first step when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

It takes a lot of faith, to give up alcohol or any other unhealthy relationship or dependency that has in many ways served us throughout our lives. It has brought us comfort and soothed pain. It has opened doors and granted permission.

Giving this up for a newer, more integrated, healthier, whole life when you don't exactly know what that looks like yet (or if it's even possible) requires a lot of FAITH.

So many people come to me knowing there is something better for them. However, not having lived this new reality yet - it can be so hard to believe and yes, have faith, that it is possible. That these tough changes, which include confronting some of your deepest, darkest fears about yourself, are worth it. It can be hard to know what life really looks and feels like when the crutch is taken away, the self-medication stops, the liquid courage is removed, the numbness replaced by clarity and presence.

That’s where I am come in - with my own life, with examples of other clients who’ve succeeded in overcoming doubt to make the changes they so desire.

As always, when a theme pops up and resonates with me and I know intuitively that it is what others need to hear at the same time, beautiful synchronicities happen (I call them confirmation that I’m on the right path) and this piece of writing came across my newsfeed yesterday.

“Faith is the “work” in “Light work”.

It scrubs and rinses and steadily erases doubt. Faith stays on doubt's ass: I see you. I dissolve you. I replace you with Faith. And then doubt will pop up again. And Faith is right there: Yep, I heard you. I choose faith. Yep, I know the odds, I choose Faith. And because Faith knows the natural order of things, she says to doubt: You'll probably be back later this week. And you might even distract me. But I’ll still choose Faith. No anger, just clarity. No complaints, just pure, fiery resolve.

Doubt isn’t a failing, it’s a reminder to feed and protect your positive beliefs.

Faith isn’t something you “have”, as much as it's something you do. And if you do it consistently—the clearing, the focusing, the nourishing...the getting back on track, then you become the very Lightness you long for.”

When you start feeling doubt sinking its paralyzing tentacles into you - stop.

Take a few deeps breaths. If possible, take of your shoes and ground your feet.

Rather than giving it a downward, anxiety riddled spiral of thoughts, focus on the best possible outcome. Breathe life into that vision.

Call a friend or family member who you know can help lift you up again, who can give you a faith-booster.

Meditate or pray.

Diffuse an uplifting blend of essential oils (I love citrus such as wild sweet orange, lemon and grapefruit, rosemary, bergamot, and ylang ylang)

Light candles and incense - do what you can to invite in the Light.

Hold, wear or prominently display moonstone, amethyst or aquamarine crystals, which are said to help find and hold on to faith.

Is this sounding a little “woo woo” to you ? Well, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But think about the alternative - staying stuck and weighed down by doubt. If one or all of the techniques above can shift the energy and help you feed and protect your positive beliefs - then why not give it a try?

Edit - I realized, in another flash of insight and synchronicity regarding this topic, that many of you will be receiving this email on the day the new President is sworn into the United States. Now, more than ever, as the personal becomes political, this renewed sense of FAITH that something better is possible might be of critical importance to you.

How can you choose FAITH today ?

What can you do to protect your positive beliefs?

How can you nourish your desire and vision of a different reality for yourself, your community and the world?

What action can you take to support this vision?

I’d love to hear from you! Let me know what you are going to do - TODAY!!

Simply reply to this blog post - I love hearing from you.


Don’t forget!! The Friendship Sale is on for a few days more. One of the most surefire ways of fanning the flames of FAITH is to DO something that sends a beaming message that YES, I DO deserve this!! YES, a transformative experience designed to 100% support my healing and growth is totally possible for me!! YES, I can have a team around me to support me to shine brighter!!

Any questions about the retreat experience? Make sure to email me asap!

How I Lost Myself and Hit a New Bottom

How are you? If you are feeling a bit of a roller coaster of emotions, you aren’t alone. This Full Moon in Cancer, also known as a “Wolf Moon,” has the tendency make it easier for you to “feel all the feels.”

How’s the New Year started off for you?

I realized something this week.

While so many people I see online are “going hard, mapping out their goals for the next year so they can “crush them,” or “killing it” already with their lives, fitness targets, detoxes or whatever - I’ve kind of been doing the opposite.

I started this New Year slowly and working LESS. And yes, that was intentional ;)

Some of my intentions for the coming year are INTEGRATION, EASE, STRENGTH, PLAY and DANCE.

As I neared the end of 2016, I was completely exhausted and knew that I needed to dedicate time to myself and honouring physical, emotional AND spiritual needs in order to show up fully for my business and family during this next year.

What does that look like for me?

Well, since the week before New Year's -
I dance, almost every day!!
I cleanse and nourish my body with the most amazing plant-based foods and essential oils (More on this soon)
I work out 3x/week.
I take naps!!
I swim in the ocean at least 2x/week.
I started reading a book - FICTION, no less!!
I make a point to express love and gratitude daily.
I practice honesty about my needs and desires, even when it’s hard.
I've basically taken myself on a retreat and immersion back into self-care.

Intuitively, I know that THIS is what’s going to serve me more through the next year than endless lists, a packed schedule full of targets, and a focus on the end result rather than the journey.

Make the journey enjoyable, every step of the way.

This is something I learned again last year, the hard way. I stopped enjoying what I was doing. I was all business and no fun. And it sucked the spark out of me.

I was speaking with a client about this a few nights ago.

It was our final session and I asked her what she was most grateful for during our time working together (6 months 1-1 coaching and the Drink Less Be More Masterclass).

She had been working with me during one of the hardest times of the year for her, the holiday season.

Here’s what she said:

“I am so grateful for finally having an understanding what self-care really means for me and how to care for myself holistically. I feel like self-care was this concept I read about but I didn’t really know that it meant for me. So coming home at the end of the end was drinking wine. Now, I know that loving myself is drinking a cup of tea and reading a book instead. I have created new rituals and habits and now have all of these tools that support me in being healthy.”

I then shared with her something I haven’t really shared publicly yet.

I hit bottom a couple of months before Christmas.

It wasn’t the same kind of bottom I had at the end of my 20s, where I was drinking myself to sleep (on top of taking the some of the same pills to “relax and sleep” that Heath Ledger was taking when he died).

It wasn’t the frequently drinking till the point of blacking out kind of bottom.

Let’s call it my “new bottom” that reflects my new reality.

I wasn’t drinking myself to sleep, but there were times that I felt the urge to.
In fact, I was thinking about drinking a lot more than I had in years.

When I did drink, I certainly didn’t drink enough to get drunk let alone blackout, but I did break my own rule about not drinking when I felt like I “needed” a drink.

I felt like I was unravelling.

I didn’t have control over my emotions.

I was exhausted, all of the time and yet I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep.

This is hard for me to share. But I believe it's important.

What had happened to bring me here?

Over the course of the past year, through the publication of my book (ironic given the topic, I know), the subsequent increased publicity, the growth of my coaching practice, the challenge of parenting a toddler, the travel, the moving between two countries and back this summer…

I had stopped taking care of myself.

And while for my recent client, self-care and self-love meant tea and reading a book, for me - it’s dancing and being in my body. I had stopped doing that and as such, was denying myself the very thing I needed to nourish my soul.

As soon as I started prioritizing dance and embodiment and activities that brought me joy and a sense of freedom - everything shifted. It didn't take long. My body and spirit remembered, and wanted to feel "at home" again as soon as possible.

I shared this with my client as I reminder her that “life happens.” And it's often not so much about what happens, as what you decide to do next.

There will be times when we get busy, when tragedy strikes, when things shift in a way that’s hard to understand at first (as recently happened with me) and suddenly you realize you aren’t caring for yourself anymore.

The beauty of the awareness that comes from doing this kind of work is that you NOTICE when this happens. You catch it. You course correct. You feel "off."

And then you figure out what you need to do to find your way back to yourself again.

Your baseline has shifted.

You have created a new normal for yourself.

You can never go too long ignoring your deep desires, needs and passions again.

It feels so good to care for yourself and LOVE yourself that you will never go for too long without it.

Once you have this awareness, you can’t get rid of it!!

Within about a month and a half of rearranging my schedule, asking for more support and re-prioritizing how I spend my time and treat my body - I feel wonderful.
I feel whole again.
I feel like ME.

I want you this for you too.
I want you to always know how to find your way back to yourself.
I want you to connect with that inner light, that spark, so that you can shine more brightly.

Now, I know you might be thinking, that's great Caitlin but it's not that easy for me. I can't just "rearrange my schedule" for a month and go swimming in the ocean when I want to.

I get it. I really do.

That’s what Lucir 2017 is all about. 

It's a week-long total immersion.
An opportunity to reconnect and reset.
It’s an experience that invites you into my world.
To share everything I’ve learned and to create your own, personalized brand of self-love.
To move your body in ways that feel good for YOU (that’s why we are offering a range of activities from Hatha yoga to aqua yoga to swimming to dance to a gentle hike to hot springs and so much more).
To eat the best food available, all locally sourced and made freshly every single day.
To dive into a variety of self-care practices so that find with ones work best for you.
To create the roadmap back to yourself, so that if you get off track, you always know how to find your way home again.
To know that you are supported, by the other Lucir participants, by me, and most importantly, by yourself because YOU made yourself a priority and invested in your health and happiness in a big way.

We are 50% sold out and expect the remaining spots to go very fast!

In honour of the beauty of friendship and the importance of a strong support system, we are offering a Bring your bestie Flash Sale from now until January 22nd.

The pricing is as follows:
2 friends book together: each get 10% off
3 friends book together: each get 15% off
4 friends book together: each get 20% off (WOW)

We still have 1 double room (which can be shared with up to 3 people), 1 king suite (which can be shared by 2 people) and the shared dorm-style room which can accommodate 4 friends!!

All of the prices and details including a sample schedule can be found here:

It is the ultimate gift of self-care and self-love to put yourself and your desires first, to pay exquisite attention to your body, and to give yourself permission to share.

Time to press the reset and invite your friends along to share the beauty of this experience.

Together, we shine brighter!

Of course and as always, let me know if you have any questions!!

ps that picture above? That's taken at our venue. So yes, that really could be you!!

The definition of insanity.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

The quote has been attributed to Albert Einstein, Mark Twain and Ben Franklin, amongst others. While I do like to properly cite my sources, we’ll just leave this one to the internet debaters and focus on the sentiment of the quote… shall we?

Can you relate?

Maybe you’ve had this experience too.

You want things to be different.
You think things should be different.
You even declare that things WILL be different!

And then nothing changes.

It’s where all the manifestation messaging out there gets confusing. You can’t simply declare to the Universe your desire for a different reality and expect it to be so.

Sure, saying and believing that you are an Abundant person, for example, and then seeking confirmation and signs of abundance can be a powerful exercise in shifting your money blocks or blocks to receiving...however, it’s likely not going to make you a millionaire.

Making things different requires consistent action.

It’s one of the first questions I ask someone when we speak for the first time.
Me: “Have you tried to redefine your relationship to alcohol before?”
The answer is usually yes.
Me: “Great, so what strategies have you tried or what did you do differently?”
Hesitation… “Well, I decided to cut back (or stop) drinking.”
Me: “And what else did you do differently.”
Crickets. “... nothing really.”

And that’s how we end up having the conversation.

So many of us believe that we should somehow be able to “willpower our way” into or out of things…

YES - changing our thoughts IS important. It’s critical in fact. As Dr. Wayne Dyer famously said, “Change your thoughts, change your life.”

BUT - it’s only half the equation.

Intention (ie thought) + action = change.

It’s the only way to change habits and relationships (because our relationship to alcohol IS a relationship) that were years in the making.

You need to do things differently in order for things to be different.

Otherwise, well… it’s kind of like insanity, isn’t it?

So how can YOU do things differently?

What is one thing you can change in your daily routine to start seeing different results?

Sometimes a small change can make a huge difference.

I’ll give you an example.

I recently started feeling in a bit of a rut. It was hard for me to feel inspired to write (and I love writing!) Even though I have a fabulous office, it’s a bit of a drive from my house, and on days that I’m not coaching, I like to be able to work from home. Yet, home felt a bit chaotic. I’d spend time tidying Luna’s toys or washing dishes, or couldn’t get comfortable, and started dreaming up renovations for the house. That was on a good day. On a day when I was more tired, worn out, or generally “blah” feeling, I would feel resentful that more of my wishes weren’t taken into consideration in the design of the downstairs part of my home, that I don’t have a home office, blah blah blah.

Somewhere along the way, I’d forgotten that I have a gorgeous terrace. A terrace where I wrote the MAJORITY OF MY BOOK last year. A terrace with a beautiful breeze in the morning and a stunning view. A terrace that I have to walk across to get from the stairs to my bedroom and back.

How on earth could I have forgotten about this terrace?? Good question, I’ve been asking myself the same thing!!

As I mentioned, I was in a rut (in more ways than one and more on that in a bit).

Making this one change has changed everything. I am happy to be writing again. I’m happier about my house. I feel more energized. I even started working out up here and after an impromptu barre method class I taught a friend last week, we’re going to make it a weekly thing. (Fun fact: I used to be a barre method and fitness teacher)

This seemingly small change has had a huge ripple effect!!

Now, getting to the place of awareness that I needed to change my actions is a slightly longer story.

I was in a rut, as I mentioned. I wasn’t taking care of myself. I came back from Canada exhausted rather than replenished. My expectations of myself and what I was going to accomplish with my business in the past year, coupled with parenting a demanding toddler, had completely depleted me. I  was reaching the point of burn out and I recognized the signs, having been there before.

And yet, I didn’t seem able to “do” anything about it. I was thinking a lot about how I wanted things to be different but I wasn’t taking action. I was consistently deprioritizing myself and my own self-care.

As you and I both know, this is catastrophic for a mother and business owner in the helping profession.

So I took action. I signed up for a 2.5 day “Sensual and Free” retreat in Woodstock, NY.

I must admit, spending $1000 USD for a couple of days seemed steep to me. However, having made investments like this years before - I knew how important it was not only for the content of the retreat but also symbolically. I was sending a powerful message that I’m worth it. That something that is purely and solely centered around MY self-care is as valuable as any business, home or family investment.

During our time at the retreat, we talked and practiced about many things I already “knew.” After all, I’m a holistic coach and any of my clients can attest to the focus and importance I place on self-care, rituals, healthier habits etc.

But I’m still a perfectly imperfect human just like you. Just because I talk about this stuff doesn’t mean it’s always easy for me now.

I needed to be guided for awhile. I needed to get out of my comfort zone. I needed to invest in MYSELF (not my biz, cause I’m really good at doing that).

I needed time away in a sumptuous environment,
to soak a jacuzzi, steam in a sauna, swim naked in the middle of the night in a salt water pool, do a “releasing ceremony” under the full moon,
be in the company of amazing soul sisters 100% committed to my happiness, well-being, and spiritual growth,
eat delicious nourishing food prepared by someone else and with love,
To have the whole bed to myself and sleep diagonally,
To set new intentions,
And of course, to learn to tools and techniques for self-care

That retreat was really only a blip in time over the past year. But those 2.5 days left a big imprint. It’s like a new blueprint for self-love was created and the road map became clearer for me. As you know, I’ve had powerfully transformative retreat experiences in the past. This one was different and I needed it differently because I’m different. I’m at a different place in my life, with a new set of challenges.

Trying to do the same things that worked before and expecting different results was starting to feel, well yes, insane.

Have I nailed self-care in the past 1.5 months since that retreat? Not completely.
However, I feel the fabric of my being is different.
My body remembers how it felt to be there, and craves that kind of loving care.
My mind reminds me more frequently of the desire to sit, to journal, to reaffirm my intentions.
My soul craves more connection with myself, and with other like-minded and like-hearted women.
My spirit is lighter.

And I have new tools for myself and to share with YOU!

My clients and Masterclass participants are already reaping the benefits of my own commitment to self-care, and that makes me happy.

You can bet your bottom dollar (is that actually a saying?) that I will be sharing all of this and so much more next March at Lucir Mexico.

The goal is to create an experience so powerfully transformative that you have no choice to go home a changed person. It will be woven into the fabric of your being. Your soul will remind you of the commitment you made to yourself, your spirit will be dancing for weeks afterwards reminding you of how free you felt, your body will crave nourishment and movement, and your mind, even when throwing up potential resistance, will also display beautiful practicality in reminding you of the tools you learned.

What’s it going to be for you?

Moving your desk, getting up 15 minutes earlier, trying a new class (such as an 8-week salsa dancing class on of my clients is trying out), auditioning for a play (another client who just turned 60 will be performing in a play for the first time next spring - talk about pushing her edge!), or signing up for a powerfully transformative experience - DO SOMETHING!!

As a loving reminder, the early bird discount for Lucir March 2017 ends today. If you email me with questions or are even a “maybe” let me know TODAY and we’ll honour the discount if you need a few more days to get everything together… however, space is limited and we’re already 50% full - so the sooner the better!

Don’t wait until 2017 to make changes, make a commitment to do different, today!


My inner child has an invitation for you

My mom recently sent me this picture. It was taken almost 30 years ago - on the “Playa Principal” in Puerto Escondido.

When I saw it, I felt like a missing piece of my internal puzzle suddenly appeared and helped weave my inner fabric together a little more closely.

No wonder I am so in love with this place.

She’s always been a part of me.

No wonder I came here to heal.

This is where my inner child is free.

No wonder I feel more at home in my body here than anywhere in the world.

Just look at that child and her pure joy.

Somehow, along the way, I lost my connection to her. I became so driven, so ambitious, so committed to perfection and to success… the only way for her to play was when alcohol allowed her out of the cage momentarily.

The following picture was taken in 2009.

I was on a retreat in a different part of Mexico, and it was here that I finally was able to reconnect with that inner child in a healthy way. This was a pivotal experience and so transformative that it set many wheels in motion...

I was living on the other side of the world (in Cambodia) working in an incredibly demanding job and yet I knew… I had to find a way back here. A way back to myself.

Within a year and a half I moved my life back across the world. I came back to Mexico to heal, to get to know myself again, to let that child free, love learn to love my body... I decided to stay for a year because, having left my career, I really didn't know what I was going to "do." I just knew I needed to "be" here.

That was 5 years ago.

And I'm still here. Wholly, fully, beautiful, imperfectly me.

Now -  my heart, soul, inner child and I are so excited and honoured to invite you to come here too.

Come to Lucir: a retreat experience next March 2017.

Lucir means to illuminate, to shine brightly, to enlighten with knowledge… to light up in celebration.

We will be doing all of that AND MORE.

I’ve come to learn, through my own healing journey and now supporting dozens of women on theirs - that finding true compassion and love for your inner child is essential.

Peeling back the layers and facing the pain, disillusionment, sadness and loss is also essential.

It’s about facing the darkness in order to find the light.

That’s what we’re doing with Lucir. We’re creating that beautiful, safe and sumptuous cocoon for you to go deep and become free.

But don't worry, it's not heavy work.

It's nurturing, fun and playful.

Yes, there will be quiet time for rest and reflection.

Yes, there will be "releasing" rituals to help you let go of what no longer serves you.

And it's also a lot more simple than it seems.

It’s about releasing your duties, obligations, responsibilities and “shoulds” so that you can get reacquainted with your inner child and as such, shine your light more brightly.

Our inner kid, like all kids, needs our undivided attention to grow and thrive.

When was the last time you were able to bring your full, loving attention to yourself?

It’s about understanding what divine and exquisite self-care truly feels like so that you can take these practices with your own personal blueprint to integrate once you arrive back home.

Know that you are ready  and you are deeply wanted on this journey of like spirited women.

We’re already almost 50% sold out. We've extended the 15% discount until the end of the week (Dec 2) so don't delay!

All of the info about the experience is right here.

If you have any questions, please email me asap at [email protected]

Can't wait to play,



The Silver Linings

Last week was intense, I’m not going to lie.

I spoke with clients, friends, family and community members around the world and all were feeling the effects of a brutal and emotional election campaign, whether they are American or not.

The silver lining for me has shown up in several ways.

One, I feel that the results of the election have galvanized my desire and deep-seated drive to show up, every day, and help make the world a better place - especially for women and minority groups.

Two, I felt deep gratitude for the love I have in my life.

Three, one of my dear friends and colleagues arrived the day of the election. She’s Canadian, a mother of three, a yoga and fitness teacher and the owner of the studio where I used to teach dance and barre method classes in my hometown.

She came to Puerto Escondido for 5 days so that we could connect and do immersive planning for the experience we are hosting in March.

I kept feeling that the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

It was so hopeful and healing to spend our days doing the excursions, visiting secluded pristine beaches, feeling the energy of the luxury house where we will be staying, eating the most delicious food, planning out classes and workshops, and perhaps the most meaningful: mapping out what LUCIR means to us and the women who will be joining us.

Lucir: to illuminate

To brighten with light; light up; make lucid or clear; to decorate with lights, as in celebration; to enlighten, as with knowledge; to make resplendent or illustrious.

Now, is is as important as ever to come together as women.

It is a radical act to take care of yourself, to invest in yourself, to lavish love on yourself, to put yourself first.

It is an act of revolution to choose a different reality.

It is an act of liberation to go deep, uncover the darkness in order to truly let your light shine.

This is the life-changing experience of Lucir.

This is the invitation we have for you - to join us in my adopted hometown of Puerto Escondido, Mexico, at a luxury eco-villa with 12 other women, in March 2017.

You can read all about Lucir here.

We have a very special early bird discount of 15% off available between now and December 1st. (The prices are in CANADIAN and will the the current exchange rates, this really is an amazing deal. We want to make this accessible to our communities of sisters and also have payment plans available.)

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to email me at [email protected]

I can’t wait to share my favourite place on earth with you!!


Meet some of the women who said yes

It can be even scarier to join a group of women that you don’t know but are joining together because you’ve all struggled with alcohol.

As one new participant just wrote to me “Although somewhat fearful, I look forward to the 6 week program!!”

I get it, I really do.

I also know that it can be scary to spend money on something like this.

There certainly are other options available to you. You can stick with the free, DIY, piece-it-together approach. There’s a lot of great info out there and a lot of not-so-great info out there.

You can go to AA meetings or other 12 step meetings or moderation management and download resources online. You can try different options and sift through what you find online and see what resonates.

On the other hand, there’s private therapy, coaching, and treatment centres that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. You can also sift those options and see what’s a good fit.

Whatever you decide, I encourage you to DO SOMETHING if you are serious about making changes this year.

TAKE ACTION - that’s how you are finally going to break the cycle and truly show up for yourself.

I’ve seen time and time again within this community the relationship between the willingness to invest in oneself (that can be a financial investment or an investment of time or of being of service and often a combination of all three) and the ability to be substantive changes.

You may also want to ask yourself “what’s it going to cost you NOT to make these changes??”

At this point, you know better than anyone whether you are ready. You know if you’re wiling to invest in your health and happiness.

You may just be wondering if this Masterclass is the right fit for you.

I thought it might be helpful to get to know some of the other women in the program - to see what kinds of women are saying YES to themselves and each other.

  • There’s the 30-something year old expat living overseas, who realized her drinking was getting out of control and every occasion was an occasion to drink. While she’s managed to create limits for her drinking while out socially, she still struggles with moderation at home.

  • The woman who is turning 60 this year and wants to gift herself a powerful and transformative change for this important milestone. She’s been able stop drinking alone, yet finds that in social situations her anxiety or excitement sometimes gets the best of her and she ends up drinking more than she’d like.

  • The woman who travels a lot for work and would like to redefine her relationship to alcohol. It feels like a treat and not a "must have" each day. She’s like to get to a place where she feels comfortable to “pass” even (or maybe especially) when it’s offered for free (such as when it’s offered on first class flights)

  • The mother of 3 who has tried AA and doesn't believe that “all or nothing” is right for her. She wants to be able to enjoy a glass of wine over dinner with friends AND no longer wants to allow it to drag her down. Her goal is to create a life so fulfilling that alcohol feels like an afterthought.

  • The 60+ year old retired school teacher who noticed that drinking was becoming her hobby and she’d become a bored habitual drinker. She envisions becoming physically and mentally stronger, knowing that SHE is the one who gets to choose and take control of her life, and welcome all kinds of new adventures experiences.

Do you see yourself in any of these women?

While their life experiences and visions for themselves might differ slightly, ALL are committed to taking action and coming together to learn, grow, challenge themselves and support one another.

It’s beautiful and I am beyond excited to support these women.

It’s not too late to click here to apply and join this year’s Masterclass, today!!  

We’ve added 1-1 coaching calls with me at the beginning and end of the program and as soon as your registered, we can schedule the first one. There will be a new private Facebook group for members where I will be active doing lifestreams in addition to the weekly live Q&A calls. My amazing assistant Maylene will be contributing TONS of individualized support as well - she’s a gifted seer and intuitive healer and has to much to share in self-development. We’ve added more new content to the 6 modules, and have a month of support added after to see you through the holidays and into the new year.

What an incredible gift to yourself!

As always, feel free to email me directly with any questions you have.


Questions about the Masterclass? All the answers in here :)


There have been some great questions about the group program and I’ll do my best to answer them here. You can also feel free to email me anytime! Just reply to this email. If you are sure you'd like to apply and just haven't had a chance to do so yet - click here for the application. 

What is the format of the Masterclass?

You will receive two emails a week for 6 weeks and there will be weekly group coaching calls (on Thursdays). On Monday, the email will cover the topic of the week, the weekly reading, reflection questions and activities to start incorporating. On Friday, you will receive a recording of Thusday’s call and further strategies for the weekend. There will also be a secret Facebook group exclusive for DLBM Masterclass participants. There will be Livestreams in this group and plenty of opportunities for interaction and support.

Where will the classes be hosted?

The classes are hosted online, using a free software called Zoom. This allows for either video or phone participation, and you have the option to use video or not. There is also a chat function. More info will be sent once you've been accepted into the program.

What if I’m in a faraway timezone or can’t make some of the calls?

Once all of the participants are selected, we will do our best to accommodate everyone’s timezone. Last time we ran this program, we had participants from as far away as Manila and Dublin and everywhere in between. If you have a prior commitment or are unable to make one of the calls, you can submit your question in advance and I will answer it on the call. This is also why we record the calls to ensure that you can access the info at any time. And the recordings are yours to keep forever!

How much individual support will I receive?

There are plenty of opportunities for coaching from me during this 6 week program. Each participant starts and ends the program with a private 15 minute call with me so that we can get crystal clear on your intentions and so that you feel supported at the end of the program to continue on your own.

I am available and hands on the Facebook group, you can ask questions during the Livestreams, and most importantly you can ask questions during the weekly coaching calls. This is more live connection than my 1-1 clients receive! This is a group program specifically designed for you to have the support of other women as well - so the support is in a group format. If you are thinking that you would like more individualized support, 1-1 coaching may be the way to go (which starts at a minimum 3 month commitment). If you have questions about this, let me know!

What topics does the Masterclass cover?

This six week comprehensive Master Class consists of six modules and an integration component that explains in simple and practical steps HOW to redefine your relationship to alcohol. It also creates an opportunity for dialogue and connection with other like minded women who bring compassion and support to a shared struggle.

Week 1-Intentions

Week 2-Positive thinking and Accountability

Week 3-Strategies

Week 4-Healthy habits/Health Impacts

Week 5-Relationships/Sex/intimacy/Dating

Week 6-Integration of strategies learned, goal setting for moving forward

Follow up and follow through (one month additional accountability to see you through the holiday season and into the New Year!)

I’ve already read your book - how will this be different?

There is nothing like real-life accountability and support! Reading the book is a great start and some people have been able to make significant changes by implementing the strategies from Drink Less Be More: How to have a great night (and life) without getting wasted. However, this program is designed to take you even deeper into the concepts, the self-reflection, and perhaps most importantly, to give you the nudge to take action. I share many of the techniques that I use with my private clients with the added benefit of having others learning and growing alongside you - which is really inspiring and motivating.

How do I know this is for me?

Wish you could drink casually without worrying about overdoing it and what could happen?

Feel like you need/want to change your dynamic with alcohol but don’t know how or what to do

Hide alcohol, drink secretly or feel shame about how much or how often you drink?

Feel overwhelmed by trying to limit or control drinking on your own?

Have tried ways to stop or limit drinking that haven’t stuck?

Wish that you had support support to talk about these issues from people who understand and have been there?

If you said yes to any of these questions - the Masterclass is a great fit for you!

How much does the Masterclass cost and are there payment plans available?

The paid in full cost is $497 USD. If you require a payment plan, you can choose either 2 payments of $267 or 3 payments of $187.

First payments (or paid in full) is due as soon as your application is accepted to secure your spot, and if choosing a payment plan, your total investment is due before the close of the program.

While there are free programs out there, many will force you into a box where you don’t belong! I have yet to find another option that provides you with so much individualized support to come up with a personalized plan that works for YOU and your unique goals and desires.

This program is an incredible value considering the amount of live coaching and support offered during the 6 weeks and implementation phase. Let this be your gift to yourself to finally make the changes you’ve been wanting to make and to have this be a holiday season to remember! (Literally!) Start 2017 feeling empowered and with healthier habits to help you truly live the life of your dreams.

Why is there an application process?

Because of the intimate nature of this group, it is important to have group cohesion and to foster safety and support. This program is also unique in that we support you to identify your own goals regarding your relationship to alcohol. This means that it is different from traditional abstinence-only approaches. We want to make sure that everyone joining the Masterclass is aligned with the philosophy.

Here is what a previous participant had to say about the approach: 

“I really enjoyed being in the Masterclass with Caitlin. She is very supportive as she guides you to make your own rules around moderation. I also loved being in the group with other like-minded women who want to grow and support you in your growth too, along with other fun activities that Caitlin threw in every week. If you are looking for moderation with others and how to have fun without alcohol, then I definitely recommend the Masterclass!”

When are applications due by?

Applications are due by Oct 28th however admission is rolling and we will begin reviewing applications and notifying participants asap. If you are interested please submit your application as soon as you can to ensure your spot because once they are filled, the class won’t reopen until late next Spring.

Click here for direct access to the application form. If you have any further questions, let me know asap! Just reply to this email.

I realized in my last email we forgot to include the link to my "It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to" blog - in which I talk about how different my life is now compared to birthdays of years past. It helps explain my personal evolution from then to now, and why this Masterclass is so deeply important for me - it truly is what I wish I could have found years ago when I was struggling.

I look forward to reading your questions or better yet, receiving your application!!


I got tipsy and I'm totally okay with it

I was slightly taken aback at first, then flooded with gratitude.

“It’s working!” I thought to myself. This life and process I created for myself and share with others - it’s working!!

I paused to think about it. I wanted the evening to feel fun, playful and carefree. I wanted to feel tipsy but remain in control. I didn’t want to have to think about it too much, count drinks or “worry.” In short, I wanted to feel like I could have a great time that involved alcohol, without feeling like someone with a problem.

A lot of my clients have a similar goal: to have a healthy relationship to alcohol.

The definition of healthy varies from person to person, but the idea behind it is always the same - to be able to enjoy a certain amount of alcohol (usually well within the low-risk guidelines) without the negative consequences, without obsessing about whether to drink more or stopping within the limit they’ve decided for themselves.

I felt together and in control all night. I was tipsy but never felt close to losing my grip on consciousness or the beautiful reality and personal integrity I have worked so hard to create for myself.

We had a fantastic 12 course chef’s tasting menu at a hot new plant-based restaurant called “Dirt Candy.” Between 3 of us, we shared two bottles of prossecco over the course of 2 hours, and with a lot of food. We then went to dance the night away listening to Grandmaster Flash at a club in the Meatpacking district.

I haven’t danced so much in years! I drank 3 drinks at the club - gin and sparkling water with lemon.

Why am I sharing these details with you? I’m the Queen of Moderation - and here I am sharing how I drank MORE than I have in 3 years.

Why is this significant? 

I’ve always wanted to be someone who could live with intention, who could give herself permission to do the things she had previously relied on alcohol for, who could learn how to manage stress and anxiety and self-doubt and sometimes self-loathing differently.

I wanted to be someone who could have a healthy relationship with alcohol.

My tipsy night out was so different than any other of the past.

Here’s why:

My best friend asked me what my intentions were for the evening.

We kept checking in with each other throughout the evening.

We stayed hydrated and drank lots of water.

I turned down many offers of drinks, making sure to not drink approximately more than 1 per hour.

The night was sandwiched between many other self-care activities that kept me grounded and in integrity, with myself. (If you haven’t yet read last week’s email “It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to” read here)

I stopped at tipsy, which would have NEVER happened in the past.

I now know that in order to have a “free” night like I did last week, I have to make sure I’m taking care of myself - big time.

Otherwise I lose my strength, and alcohol’s power to convince me that it is the answer (because sometimes it is the easy answer) becomes all too tempting.

I ended last week with a retreat in Woodstock, upstate NY.

Nine empowered women, lavishing ourselves in sensual self-care, eating the most incredible plant-based food, a full-moon ritual around the bonfire, naked swimming and saunas in a salt water pool with not a drop of alcohol to be had all weekend. It was blissful perfection and the definition of self-love. I had no desire to keep the party going or any pull to slide back into old patterns.

This is both reassuring and incredibly liberating!

The past 2 weeks of birthday celebrations have proven to me that I can truly have it all.

I spent my times connecting with amazing entrepreneurs, health coaching for Ralph Lauren (!!), hosting an intimate evening with 10 beautiful women on the topic of Drink Less Be More and how to truly show up for ourselves and each other, attending a retreat, and partying like it was 1999 (or 2009, haha).

I proved to myself that I can have a successful professional life, a nourishing and intuitive nutrition plan, self-care that includes both dancing and sacred rituals, an unshakeable “centre,” new habits that have become unconscious (ie I don’t have to think so much about them) and so much more.

When I first started - I didn’t have a system.

I didn’t have a plan to follow.

I didn’t have anyone taking the initiative to check in about my intentions.

I was alone - me and my thoughts.

When I did talk to friends - it was more along the lines of “I don’t want to get too drunk tonight” - and it stopped there.

We didn’t yet know how to talk about the quality of experience we were looking for, how we wanted to feel during the night or the next day.

New York City used to equal Trigger City for me and I used to end work trips and conferences absolutely destroyed.

It took me several years to evolve to the place where I am now.

That is I’m so committed to sharing the Drink Less Be More Masterclass with you.

I want you to have the support that I longed for years ago.

I want you to have the tools and systems that I’ve developed to not only redefine your relationship to alcohol, but to change your entire life if you want to.

There are limited spots available in this next round and I won’t be offering it again until later next year. 

Click here for the application and don't hesitate if you feel the timing is right.

If you have any questions, simply reply to this email and let me know.